The End- Read the newspost for more epilogue stuff!

Words can’t quite describe how I feel at the moment, it’s very strange and new and exiting as anything! I can only hope you guys had a good time with this comic, because I did, I really did.

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And finally, here are the extra character epilogues! Some are pretty much forgone conclusions, some have a few surprises. It’s all there for a little closure.



Silvador II:


Casper and Komi:


Elia and Lyam:



The Shadey Bunch:

Am I missing someone or something? Ask me anything in the comments or via the ask box on my Tumblr!

And.. I guess that’s it for now! Basically just.. thank you, thanks to all of you for making this an amazing, honestly life-changing experience. See you in Victorian-era England!

All images copyright Kate Ashwin (kojiro_muyo AT hotmail DOT com). Some monster designs and names taken from Dungeons and Dragons, property of Wizards of the Coast.
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