July 17th, 2004



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MYSTERIOUS VOICE: Take this crystal ball with you, and use it to contact me, when and if you succeed. Journey well. And take care, the mountains are somewhat ... chilly this time of year.

JILL: ... So it turned out that a dungeon is a bit of a money sink, really.
CASPER: I had no idea that holding a tyrannical reign was so costly.

KOMIYAN: So what's all the cold white stuff? I thought it was all green above ground?

MINK: Snow. It's like rain, but frozen.
KOMIYAN: Rain? I think I've heard of that ..
MINK: *sigh*

GORT: Hmph.
MINK: Gort?

GORT: I am not pleased with this mission, Mink. We don't know what we're going to face, or if the money is even real or not.

MINK: You'll feel better when there's something to kill.
GORT: I suppose ..
KOMIYAN: Er, sir .. you should probably see this ..

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