September 26th, 2005



I clicked on one of your ads, something like 503 Portland webcomic… It took mt there then was immediately hijacked to porn sites. You may not want that kind of thing. (it was NOT yaoi or other comic soft porn.)
I know I was annoyed. I had to work a bit to get back to YOUR site to read more.

If it was for another comic, I’m afraid a lot of us have been hit with a wordpress exploit that’ll do that. It’s the other comic’s bug though, not mine, so there’s not much I can do about it myself, sorry :(

I think Komiyan’d do better than that, but he’d be far too easily vanquished without someone decisive in charge, so until he takes a few more levels in badass by adventuring with Gort, he’s out… Gort, on the other hand, a is grade-A pawn, all too eager to charge into battle and die on a pike, yet powerful enough not to.

Hm. Silly sexy Drow lady – has she never heard the saying that there’s nothing worse than someone out to do the world a favour? Gort may be selfish, but that also makes him predictable and easily manipulated. If Komiyan were made Mephistopheles’ disciple, he might turn into some sort of fundamentalist religious fanatic, and those are just plain useless, more a liability than an asset.

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