November 23rd, 2005



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NARRATOR: Next Morning-
KOMIYAN: ...So. Uhm.

KOMIYAN: Did, everyone, erm, sleep well...?

GORT: Minions! Wake up! I have a plan!

MICHAELUS: You make plans?
GORT: OF course! Do you think i do everything without planning?
MICHAELUS: Well... Yes, That's exactly what i thought.

GORT: Then i am clearly proving you <b>wrong</b>, see? Here is my plan.
JILL: You plan to be a Cartographer?
GORT: Here. IF i am to raise my empire, i need a base.

GORT: This castle is inhabited by deserters from that Orc army that stormed this town. We could easily take it for our own, without any extra mercenaries.

GORT: My reign begins today!
KOMYIAN: Aren't we waiting for Mink. Sir?
GORT: ...Tomorrow!

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