January 4th, 2006



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MINK: Lucky it wasn't worse, really, he'll be fine.
CASPER: Oh hey, he's moving.

MINK: Excellent. Another success in the name of Hextor.
CASPER: Mornin'!
KOMI: Uhh.. what happened?
CASPER: You kinda got hit with an arrow, but it's no big deal Mink fixed you up.

KOMI: Nrgh.. Yeah, I remember now. Did we win?

CASPER: O'course.
KOMI: So, uh, what's next?

CASPER: Not sure. Our illustrious leader has been standing on the roof all day.
MINK: I told you, he's waiting.

CASPER: Waiting for what?
MINK: His challange to be heard, I suppose..

CASPER: Challange? For who?

MESSENGER: Captain Tyr, urgent message from Falloaks-
TYR: I know, tell them that help is on the way.

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