March 1st, 2006



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Drow Girl: Hey! Hey! We don't have much time, wake up!

Drow Girl: Ah, there you are.

Komi: Aagh!
Drow Girl: Shh! We're not meant to be doing this, it's more than my job's worth..

Komi: Doing..? Who are you? Am... Am I dead?

Drow Girl: No, no. Well.. Nearly. Bust mostly no. I just wanted to give you a warning, of what's to come.

Drow Girl: It may look like a step backward, but it's really a leap ahead, I promise.
Komi: Wait, are we where I think -
Drow Girl: Just be on your guard, it'll get dangerous. Just remember to carry on. Oh, and don't pick up the sword that speaks, it's bad news.

Komi: Wha-
Drow Girl: One last thing. Don't open your eyes.

Komi: ...Uh?


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