May 21st, 2007



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In the library...

MINK: For the last time, a straight fight just doesn't work, alright? We need a plan.

GORT: I plan to tear his arms off and-
MINK: Aargh, enough! He'll just zombie up again! You'd be long worn out by the time he's run out of old bones to infest.

GORT: There must be somewhere we can get away from these vile creatures!
MINK: Nowhere on Darken! There's been so many wars around, we can't guarantee a safe spot.

MINK: I wonder how much of the corpse has to be left..
GORT: There must be somewhere on this bloody land..

MINK: Not.. on Darken.. Hmm, I may have an idea..

MINK: Got it. It's dangerous.. but it would be quite effective..
GORT: Yes?

MINK: *writing up plans* Hm.. flawed, but effective. Suits this team perfectly.
GORT: Hah, I knew there was a reason I keep you around!

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