April 13th, 2009



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Gort: No.
Mink: I don't know what else to tell you!

Gort: I will NOT go there!
Mink: Well Baal will be there in two days, whether you like it or not!

Imposter: Aww, Gort all afraid of the big bad Paladins?
Casper: What, and you're seriously OK with strolling into the Citadel of Light?

Imposter: I'm not looking FORWARD to it...
Casper: Me neither, but i doubt Baal's visiting this plane for a cup of tea and a chat...

Mink: Listen, Gort- I've done the calculations six times. The Citadel is the center of the Magical disturbance. If you want to prevent Baal rising, we HAVE to go back there.

Jill: There's hardly going to be anything there you cannot handle... Is there?
Gort: ...

Gort: ... Fine. We leave in the morning.
Mink: At last... Pack lightly, we're on a hell of a schedule.

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