August 19th, 2011

I hate when a job is immediately filled by an internal candidate.

Hey book preorders are still open! Production is going along swimmingly, I hope to have a cover to show you soon, but for now, here’s this week’s sample of the ten million art tweaks I’ll be doing-

These tweaks will NOT be online ever, so if you want a far prettier Darken, this is your only chance!

Not too bad, huh? Interested in a copy?

Here’s how it works- I need preorders so I can afford the print run in the first place- Comics are my actual job now, so oddly enough there isn’t a lot of spare income around- By preordering you’re helping this to happen! I can’t guarantee a completion date for it (it’s looking like January 2012), but I will be working flat-out to get this done and on your doorstep soon. Also, you’re getting it slightly cheaper by preordering, and it’ll be your only chance to get a sketched one, so it’s good for both of us! I’m hoping to have the second book out not long after the comic’s finished, too, so it’ll all be wrapped up neatly in two volumes.

Also, for a measley £3 extra, you can get your copy sketched and signed in, feel free to request a specific sketch if you like! Only pre-orders will get sketches!

So, who’s up for this? :)

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ASMODEUS: Hm. Strange accusations, from a worshipper of yours.
ASMODEUS: I would expect it from your Disciple, but these words have a different meaning when spoken by a cringing mortal such as this.

MEPHISTOPHELES: Idiot drow! You'll burn alongside the Disciple for your lies!

MINK: What of Baal, then?
ASMODEUS: What of him, indeed..

ASMODEUS: Frankly, I feel the punishment you have already condemned him to will suit, dragonling. He can remain where he is.

MEPHISTOPHELES: Your lordship, that leaves the seventh plane of hell without a ruler!
MEPHISTOPHELES: I would like to offer to extend my kingdom over his, where I could rule both!

ASMODEUS: Hm. This seems as good a time as any to begin your education, Mary. What would you choose to do?
MARY: Hm.. I think..

MARY: I think it should be humiliating to Baal. And.. ..Gort should have a reward. So.. Gort can take Baal's place as Archdevil of the Seventh.

MARY: *grins up at Asmodeus* How's that?

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Wow, Komiyan! I’m really surprised (and very happy)with the turn of events here! Will there be any crossovers in your characters’ universe, the way there are in Clamp stories? That would be amazing. It would also make me happy.

In the next comic? It’s a different setting, Victorian era England, so they wouldn’t be able to actually show up, but I’ll be dropping little Easter Eggs in because I can’t not :)

Oh boy!
Just love it!
I love the faces, the dialog, the plot.
The end is near and I’m arms open to welcome it.

Komiyan, this has been amazing story. Thank you so very very much ^^

P.D. I do hope some sketches of “ten years after” and see some develops =D

To Quote DA2: “I often look at every 2nd idiot and think ‘he needs more power’.” However this is a deliciously unforeseen twist. However, if every domain of hell is changeable to its ruler’s whim, I wonder how Gort’s will be…
Swords in people
more swords
and loads of fire
… and more swords in people

Gotta love their expressions following the announcement!

Yet I cannot see Gort as a useful nor logical Archdevil. “Yes, you fools. You now worship me! Muwahaha.”
Maybe that’s what evil is all about, though.

That’s actually generally what I get from archdevils. ‘GET DOWN ON YOUR KNEES, KILL SEVERAL THINGS, AND WORSHIP ME. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA.’ Gort would be great at that *EXCEPT* that he’d also want to be the one killing everyone. Maybe that could be his style of worship. Instead of poor bastards like Komi being tossed in for the priests to kill, Gort could just show up and slaughter them, and then kill all the priests, since the sacrifices weren’t fun enough.

Ha Ha Ha, now that was funny and awesome. An interesting new fate for Mary. Cannot wait to see how Jill reacts to this and the loss of a (star?) pupil.

I don’t think Jill will be losing her pupil at all…or if she does, she’ll have planned for it long ago. I rather suspect that Mary will be returned to school for…*extra* classes. ;D

Ha Ha Ha, now that was funny, and awesome. I like how Mary now has some sense of power, and Gort is excited. Cannot wait to see how Jill reacts to this.

She got the right plan close, but not completely right.

The /proper/ choice for new Archdevil of the 7th?

/Komiyan/. Because Meph is already pissed at him, which makes this a punishment for both Baal -and- Meph, and sets up a rivalry to keep the 8th and 7th busy with one another, which is what Asmodeus wants, after all.

…*Except* that means Gort will hate and actively work to take Komiyan down, constantly. I mean, your answer’s *right*, but only if you take Gort out, which you can’t do without also taking Mink out, and if you do THAT you’ve got Lyam and Vargo on your ass, so…make Gort the ruler, even though it’s unfair and unwise, and set Komiyan up as his disciple. (Best way I can think it through.)

Wow, Gort looks like a kid who just found out his favorite toy store is having a sale.

I still want to know if Tyr has been reduced to a vegetable or if there’s enough of his mind left to recoil in horror at this turn of events. Still, I guess if Gort’s occupied smacking around slime devils on the 7th level of Hell, he’s not being cruel and oppressive on Darken so… maybe that’s a good thing for Darken?

Hm, seems like Meph’s disciple plan went a little too good. (I wanted to post a certain trope here but I can’t remember it’s name D:)
Gotta love those faces. Especially Meph’s in the first panel. Somewhere between pouting and “I’m SO going to make your (after)life hell.”

Oh fffffffffff–! xD

Yeah… That’s probably what’s going on in Mink’s head right now- she’s tied to him all but inextricably by the “god” she follows. He becomes an Archdevil…what’s going to happen to HER.

Ooh, good point! Curiouser and curiouser~.

Drowning in a glass of water, boys.
Being an archdevil might come with some powers to undo that link.

This would be about the moment unto which I’d have to ask if he’d actually do more than just simply break the tie that binds him. After all, he willingly cursed himself to save her. Didn’t need to do that, after all.

Oh gawd giving Gort that position sounds like begging for trouble, and Mink realizes it.

Course, Mephistopheles is being a butt head by trying to take credit for everything.

Aw, she looks so happy with her idea!

It’s a suitable punishment for all parties involved (while a massive reward, it will be as much a punishment for Gort, I suspect… >;-D ) even Meph- who she’s not indicating she’s handing out a punishment to. Suitably devious for who she is. :-D

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