January 7th, 2011


SHARD: This is ridiculous!
SHARD: I'm the greatest shifter there ever was, I'm not bein' defeated by beer!

CASPER: Oh, I don't know..
Shard is interrupted as a bottle hits him on the back of the head and shatters, distracting him enough to make him let go of Komi, who doubles up gasping for air...

CASPER: *brandishing another bottle* There's something to be said for a bottle or two!
SHARD: What the hells are you playing at?!
CASPER: Plan V, see?

SHARD: I've got four weapons an' you've got one beer bottle! How stupid are you?
CASPER: *taking a swig* Oh, I'm not the stupid one..

CASPER: ..You can't even count to four!

He ducks and runs as Shard starts swinging his goo-held weapons...

SHARD: 'Ow drunk are you?! One!

He goes to swing the next two, but the slime tentacles are suspiciously empty...


Komi appears behind him, crossing his reclaimed swords across Shard's neck...

KOMI: Three, four.
SHARD: Oh fer-

He is cut off as Komi wastes no time in putting the swords to their intended use, cutting his throat wide open.

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Further proof of an earlier statement: Komiyan is more awesome than he thinks he is! Shard didn’t notice the swords were gone until they were at his throat, even though he was in control of the slime holding them.

I really liked Shard, though… He was a good character… We should keep him! >w<

hells yes! but he’s already dead so will it work?

If the body becomes unusable whatsoever, I think he’ll have to return to his orb in the sword…rotting’s one thing, but having his head pretty much detached, well.

I’m hoping he’ll have to retreat to the orb, anyway, and then I’m all for having said orb knocked out of the hilt and dumped into a…beer bottle. Hee.

awesome, i hate it when the hero stands around talking or hesitating before finishing off the bad guy, giving him time to turn it around. komi, who’s such a wuss at times, goes for the win! now they get to keep the treasure, to boot! righteous…i am curious as to where they’ll seal shard..back into the hilt of the original knife or something handy down there, or are they unable to do such hocus-pocus?

I really think it’s going to end up with him stuck back in the hilt of the sword, then them knocking the gem out and plonking it in a beer bottle. Because that just triple underlines the ‘you have been OWNED, sir’ factor.

*cheers* Now stuff the bastard in one of the beer bottles and cap it tight, one of you! Talk about conquering your demons, Komi. (I say Shard’s close enough to count.)

I drink beer to celebrate this most awesome of wins, in a bad attempt at Zathras-speak.

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