July 19th, 2011

Here comes Daddy.

Hey book preorders are still open! Production is going along swimmingly, I hope to have a cover to show you soon, but for now, here’s this week’s sample of the ten million art tweaks I’ll be doing-

These tweaks will NOT be online ever, so if you want a far prettier Darken, this is your only chance!

Not too bad, huh? Interested in a copy?

Here’s how it works- I need preorders so I can afford the print run in the first place- Comics are my actual job now, so oddly enough there isn’t a lot of spare income around- By preordering you’re helping this to happen! I can’t guarantee a completion date for it (it’s looking like January 2012), but I will be working flat-out to get this done and on your doorstep soon. Also, you’re getting it slightly cheaper by preordering, and it’ll be your only chance to get a sketched one, so it’s good for both of us! I’m hoping to have the second book out not long after the comic’s finished, too, so it’ll all be wrapped up neatly in two volumes.

Also, for a measley £3 extra, you can get your copy sketched and signed in, feel free to request a specific sketch if you like! Only pre-orders will get sketches!

So, who’s up for this? :)

Editions and shipping


Mink reaches down and picks up the gem, staring at it for a moment before speaking...

MINK: ..huh. We did it.

GORT: There was never any doubt!
GORT: I am the greatest, and you are my greatest minion!

He puts his sword away, and crouches beside Tyr's fallen form to check his pulse...

MINK: ..well?
GORT: Hah, we took even this victory away from Baal!

GORT: Tyr yet lives!
MINK: It's over, then.. it's all over.

Outside, Casper and Komi are peering through the grates in the door, whilst Mary stands apart a little way with her back to them...

KOMI: Is it over..?
CASPER: It looks over..
MARY: It's over, and..

She smiles as the lighting abruptly changes, provoking shock from the others..

MARY: And father is here.

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Heh… Something in Daughter’s face in the last frame tells me that she’s been lying about not knowing, etc. This is a set-up and it’s going mostly to plan.

I’m not going to say anything devastating to the plot or anything, but when Asmodeus shows up, his daughter is not surprised at all despite having never met him, and Jill in no where to be seen…


The good news is, if they play nice and diplomatic, they should make it out okay. After all, they *did* defuse a plot to get A’s daughter killed.

The bad news is, they have Gort on their side. Diplomacy could be… problematic.

Rather than problematic, inexistent

has gort even ever, once, been on speaking terms with the word ‘diplomacy’? i don’t mean ‘i shout at it and it doesn’t do what i order it to’, i mean actual speaking terms. does zathras need to whack him over the head with his staff and step in?

Mmmmm, wasn’t the whole point of getting the Regalia to kill Asmodeus??

So this could go Asmodeus overlooking that fact for his daughter or really final epic confrontation xD

BTW I’m totally excited to check how Asmodeus will look like! (Komiyan description in early chapters was… sad)

I wondered when “daddy” was going to show up. He probably wants to do something really devious with it, since Baal did kinda try and get the A man’s only child killed. Any ideas of what he’s going to do with it?

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