July 1st, 2010

The word for today is WHEEEEEEE!

This is a very silly page, I hope you like it! If anyone wants to see a closeup of any parts, comment and ask :P

Also, if you haven’t seen my formspring, go have a looksee, there’s all sorts of silly character questions being answered there.

Also, my buddy Robin has started putting up pages of the really quite beautiful Curia Regis! Go see if you like classy spy shenanigans!


Are the closeup images still about anywhere? None of the links seem to work any more and I was hoping to see what people were talking about with Lyam and Vargo’s expressions, and Mink’s papers! Heh, such a fun page.

Wow, just read all this in a night (and yes, you’re being blamed for sleep deprivation). It was fun to watch the overall improvement of art along with how awesome the storyline has gotten. And the ‘the Amazing name’ is right, I was totally cracking up at this page with the music playing.

Also, In return for the bags under my eyes you have caused me this day: I do demand dah last page you haven’ posted (Shard grabbing the rope unless I’m mistaken).

Unless I’m missed it we also need the room between the pantry and Mink’s office.
And I guess this is as good a time as any Komiyan, I’ve been reading for a while now, just want to say great comic! And this also has to be my favorite page. Now time to go back to lurking.

just…so much love. lyam! komi! casper thinking ‘oh f*** this’ and dropping the bloody vase! gort being annoyed and throwing a fireball at something/someone, most likely having no idea whatsoever what’s going on except that it’s annoying him! hard laughing gleefully as he evades everything! add more lyam! (seriously. lyam is more fantastic than i could ever find words for. i adore him. …*eyes you suspiciously* unless you make him be not nearly as fun as he appears by implementing some nasty plot/character twist, which would make you just MEAN.

i love this comic overall, but really. every panel makes for a different kind of laugh.

If you’re worried about Lyam, I will tell you right now that when JK Rowling killed one of the Weasley twins I felt bad for all the wrong reasons. Some characters you just.. can’t kill horribly, or it’s a total downer :P

The next short story I was going to do for the con will have him in it, either I’ll finally break and tell about his eye, or it’ll be a snippet from Mink’s childhood.

An amazing page (I’ve been following this comic since before A Summer’s Wasting, but finally am inspired to post). I think the details are what sells it best (Lyam’s face, especially, you can tell he loves all the uproar). I will admit, the Gort panel was funnier before I saw Komi shouting his warning. I liked the idea of Gort just firing randomly at a disruption without even knowing what’s going on.

Oh, and I’m on an archive binge with this comic and, for a moment while reading the fight with the giant, I found myself wondering what happened to Komi’s bandages. :-p

Haha, you do get them kinda stuck in your head. Drawing him without the bandages for the first time in months was rather confusing!

Glad you like the comic! If it helps, Gort doesn’t really listen to Komi much anyway, he may have fired for the hell of it anyhow :P

Oh, so much fun! Yeah, I’m also going with Yakkity Sax (or however it’s spelled). I always loved this kind of serial picture (it reminds me of Inspector Nom, if anyone had to read that) so it’s great to see one here. Must’ve taken you absolutely ages though!

I dont really know why, but Gort looked kind of.. ugh, I hope he wont burn me down to ashes by a formspring answer… cute there. I mean, he looks really adorable while fireballing around(yes, pyromancer here).

This is just ingenious. I must say, despite his utter pwnage pages previous, Komi manages to look quite the badass in many of these panels. Not the easiest thing to do when you’re chasing a mystical orb possessed drow that can make you have a BSOD just by looking at you.

Can’t say much that others haven’t already said. Great spread! (Shard does remind me a bit of The Joker’s antics when he escapes from Batman.)

Note: Page best viewed while humming either the Benny Hill theme, or the chase songs from Scooby Doo.

Awesome page, Komi. :) Best panel is with annoyed Gort. Hehee!

This page is awesome. Took me a bit to understand it it completely, but then its awesomeness skyrocketed. Very, very beautiful page, it doesn’t need text at all, it’s very dynamic, many beautiful and hilarious details, I just love it.

Hrm, I suddenly see a scene in my head, Komiyan holding Shard by his neck with an expression along the lines “I’ll kill you!” (does he even have the strength necessary to do that in his arms? Well, he IS dualwielding swords, but…), Shards grins in a mixture of insanity and wicked joy and from then on, Komiyans body will be host to both, one half under Shards control, the other under Komiyans, always battling, always fighting, neither willing to back down… But sadly, Komiyan’s character doesn’t quite fit it. Blame my brain, but I just needed to type it down and post it somewhere.

Epic strip. Took me a few moments to get the format, but absolutely lol-worthy when I did. Like everyone else, I loved all the tiny character expressions, especially Lyam and angry-Mink. Does Gort actually know what’s going on in the bottom row or is he just throwing a fire ball for the hell(fire) of it?

And Shard does all this… with a knife stuck in his chest… o_o

I’m sorry, but I dint like this page much.
I LOVE IT! Wonderful comical relief and vargo in the tub? HILLARIOUS
wonderful original comic art, keep up with the good job! :D

You do the best storyline panels like this, the action just flows from one panel to the next so well :D I was literally laughing out loud reading this.

LOVE the itty bitty expressions as well, especially Lyams!

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