July 28th, 2011

Who’s that other chair f- Oh, haha, whoops, sorry!

Hey book preorders are still open! Production is going along swimmingly, I hope to have a cover to show you soon, but for now, here’s this week’s sample of the ten million art tweaks I’ll be doing-

These tweaks will NOT be online ever, so if you want a far prettier Darken, this is your only chance!

Not too bad, huh? Interested in a copy?

Here’s how it works- I need preorders so I can afford the print run in the first place- Comics are my actual job now, so oddly enough there isn’t a lot of spare income around- By preordering you’re helping this to happen! I can’t guarantee a completion date for it (it’s looking like January 2012), but I will be working flat-out to get this done and on your doorstep soon. Also, you’re getting it slightly cheaper by preordering, and it’ll be your only chance to get a sketched one, so it’s good for both of us! I’m hoping to have the second book out not long after the comic’s finished, too, so it’ll all be wrapped up neatly in two volumes.

Also, for a measley £3 extra, you can get your copy sketched and signed in, feel free to request a specific sketch if you like! Only pre-orders will get sketches!

So, who’s up for this? :)

Editions and shipping


Gort, Mink, Casper, Komi and Mary find themselves standing in an empty black space, illuminated by a single, enormous white spotlight...

MINK: The gem!
GORT: What is the meaning of this?!

KOMI: Sir..
CASPER: You might want to ..y'know, not yell at the lord of all devils, Gort.

MINK: .. Asmodeus?

ASMODEUS: I must assure you, dragonling..

ASMODEUS: ..we are not on first name terms yet.

Asmodeus is seated in the central one of three enormous thrones, inspecting the party through his stylish pince-nez. Mephistopheles is seated to his right, looking thoroughly bored, and the final throne is conspicuously empty. Asmodeus spins the gem containing Baal's essence in the air just above his palm...

ASMODEUS: I believe I will take this for now. I am not inclined to allow a mortal to keep a device that can trap a devil, even one foolish enough to possess a human.
GORT: Don't you dare let him out! *shakes fist*

MEPHISTOPHELES: Silence, you fool!
ASMODEUS: *frowns* And who is this little man, that presumes to tell me what I can and cannot do?
GORT: I am Gort!

GORT: Lord of Hellfire! Vanquisher of Baal! Slayer of a thousand foes! Champion of Darken and a hundred other planes of existence! *goes on in this vein for some time*

MEPHISTOPHELES: *grimaces* ..my Disciple, lordship.
ASMODEUS: Ah, yes. That one.

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What happened to Mink in the end? Where’d she go? What happened to Lyam and Jade? I’m sorry, I am just really pondering over on what happened… and Mrs. Ashwin? Are you going to make another book of Darken? Because that would be just awesome. (and what’s the website bar for? i have no idea what to fill it in with so i put Google…if thats ok.)

Mink: http://www.darkencomic.com/images/mink.jpg
Lyam: http://www.darkencomic.com/images/elialyam.jpg
Jade is Casper’s second in command, what he did is here- http://www.darkencomic.com/images/komicas.jpg

All of the little epilogues are in the newspost on the last page :)

I’ll be printing books of Darken, but I likely won’t be making any new pages any time soon. Maybe one day I’d do some short stories, but I’m really enjoying making my new comic and keeping up with the schedule is rather hard!

Don’t worry about the website bar thing, that’s just if you want to link a site, it’s not necessary!

p.s. Widdershins is AWESOME!! i absolutey love it, and i am still deciding which of my characters are my favorites… but i AM going to miss gort and company…

ALSO…. (i am asking soo many questions.. im sorry!!)
I was wondering how do you make a webcomic, ’cause my friend is a great drawer and my other friend is an awsome writer… you dont have to answer that…
LAST QUESTION: (i’ll try to make it my last…)
You know how you based Darken of D&D? Then… is widdershins based off of something too?? (no need to answer that too…)

According to my counting there are 6 [+- 1] pages left (out of 40 of this final chapter) TT_TT

I’m sad…. like the end of the Lord of the Rings book sad…

say what you will, Gort’s got some major testicular fortitude to be trying to out bravado the lord of nine hells.
Though, looking at the situation and reactions, I wouldn’t be surprised if this hints at future events. Perhaps they had grown tired of baal, and the little collecting Gort’s been having to do is to prep him not as a vanquisher but as a replacement, one with an easy to manipulate personality and less experience in the rank, thereby allowing several centuries of lacking concern towards him and instead to whatever other goals they have.

Huh, Asmodeus is less intimidating than I thought he would be. I mean, he’s scary, but not really too scary.
Also he’s not wearing pants. I’m not sure what to make of that.

I guess Mephisto’s plans to overthrow Asmodeus are a goner.
I wonder why he believed putting the Regalia together would empower Gort enough to take out the Lord of all Devils, he doesn’t seem anywhere near that kind of power.

I can’t believe the comic is about to end =(! But, then again, it needs to end in order to remain epic. If it were just forgotten one day, with the story arc uncompleted, that would be much more disappointing.
By the way, in the shop, you mention that we might get to see those extra Darken stories in a print version one day. Are those extra comics, by any chance, going to be available in the print books of Darken =)? I sure hope so…

The glasses didn’t surprise me for the very reason Kuro remarked on. Heh…this is going to get interesting. As for the bored look, that’s what you’d see on a child trying to deflect ire from having done something wrong but yet not having been called on it yet. It’s an attempt to try to hide guilty looks. Asmodeus knows what’s been going on all along (Why would he give the “THAT one” remark if not?).

I like how this Asmodeus looks. Is there a reason why he looked so different the first time? Was he possesing a demon in the prologue?

(“You have bad eyesight, don’t you? Hahaha, oh gods, a devil with bad eyes!”)

You never saw him earlier, really, just some eyes, but assume the devils (Baal excepted) can look as they want to :)

Since a few people have commented on it- The glasses are an affectation, he doesn’t actually need them ;)

Ya’know, I never quite imagined Asmodeus with… glasses. But for some reason it makes sense. If you’re the eternal ruler of devils from the dawn of time and master of contracts and deals, I Imagine you would need glasses. Imagine all the squinting his old eyes must go through to read all that fine print.

Well… that’s a long list of titles.
I like Mephistopheles’s expressions. Especially boredom (or ‘What I am doing here?)
And I didn’t expect Lord of Nine Hells to wear glasses. Then again I also didn’t expect the Spanish Inquisition.

Heh… PWNT again. I’m strongly suspecting that Baal will not be getting out of that prison anytime soon- Asmodeus’ remarks there indicate he’s not at all happy about the total turn of events. Something in the body language from Mephistopheles indicates that he’s none too happy about them either- that Asmodeus actually knew about HIS plans as well and has already dressed him down over it all.

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