June 24th, 2010

Sure she’s a physician, but she’s also a drow.

I’m happy that people can see both sides of this, so I guess this page should make you pretty happy! I’m getting up to a rate of turning out pages that I’m happy with, hooray!

Other stuff- I’m still formspringing away, please hold off on the questions for a little bit as I have a 50-odd question backlog! I’ll blitz them today and tomorrow. They’ve been a ton of fun though, with the Casper/Lyam Rogue Showdown being my favourite so far.


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SHARD: *kicking Komi's dropped weapons away* Aw, that was one of the broken ribs, wasn't it? What a shame..

SHARD: Seems to me, 'boss', that your brains prob'ly scrambled enough already for me to just wander on in anyway.
The weapon morphs back into a dagger as Shard stands over Komi...
SHARD: All that slicin' and stabbin' in that scary dark basement..

SHARD: Reckon you'd be no fight, no fight at all.. What's to stop me wandering in there?
CASPER: Hello! That'd be me!

As Casper enters, knife already in hand, Shard turns back to face him, while behind his back, Elia picks up a kitchen knife from the nearby rack...
SHARD: After all I've done for you..

CASPER: *stands by Komi* I bet if I had any remorse at all, that's where it would be kicking in. Komi?
KOMI: *drawing a dagger from his boot* Nope, nothing.

Shard grabs Elia by the wrist and holds the dagger to her throat...
ELIA: <i>Hey!</i>
SHARD: Get anywhere closer an' I'll-

He is cut off by Elia bringing the kitchen knife round and stabbing him in the ribs...
SHARD: -<i>Oi!</i> New coat!

SHARD: *shoves Elia at a startled Casper* Nice try, darlin'..

SHARD: But you'll 'ave to do better than that!

He heads for the exit, knife still embedded in his chest, leaving Casper and Elia in an undignified pile on the floor...
CASPER: And now I have no idea where to put my hands.

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This page has lots of stabby things in it. First there’s Komi’s dropped swords (you can only see one though ) Shard’s knife, Casper’s sword, Komi’s back-up knife, Elly’s kitchen knife, and the other sets of kitchen knives that don’t actually get pulled out, which looks to be about… three others. So, if we only count the stabby things we see, there are a grand whopping total of EIGHT things to stab with in this page! Wow.

Also, lurve Shard getting pissy about his new coat getting cut and bled on. XD

I’m guessing the chances of Tarvin coming back not dead are pretty slim. With Blackshard sucking his lifeforce up like kool-aid on a hot summer day and causing grievous bodily injury to his body

I totally just realized now that Shard completely neglects to yank the sword out of his chest cavity before taking off. That’s pretty bold right there.

The Beholder copyright should prove no real problem as Order of the Stick is entirely based off of D&D and they haven’t gotten sued yet. The devils are actual bits of demonology and Christian mythology, so no worries there either. Love the comic by the way, just started reading yesterday and just caught up to date today.
If there’s any help you need on copyright law let me know, I’m in the business.
…I should make an account on here.

Hm, good point! I do think OOTS might have changed a few names here and there for the print versions, but the intention is still plain and from the tiny bit I know of copyright law he wouldn’t have a leg to stand on if Wizards of the Coast decided to complain, but I guess they’re reasonably chill about these things. Interesting! Thanks for the help :D

Glad you like the comic, that’s a lot to go through in a day!

I’m no expert, but as long as the copyrighted material is used in a parodic manner and you credit where you’re borrowing it from or you’re not making any profit and giving credit then it shouldn’t be an issue.

Hmm. Random question, I know, but how does everyone imagine the voices and accents of the characters in the comic?

Personally, I’ve always imagined Gort with a slightly rough and raspy voice, with an Australian accent. Mink, and the dragons and half-dragons I imagine with very posh, very twee upper-class English accents, with a similar (but less extravagant) accent for Jill. Casper in my head has always sounded Scottish, and BlackShard Cockney. The Drow, however, I’ve always imagined with American accents, for some reason. Anyone else got any thoughts on the matter?

In my head, they tend to have the player’s accents, or ones I hear the most, so mostly they’re northern English. Mink and Komi don’t really have accents to me, so that probably means they have my own Manchester/North East/Generic Northern chimera accent.

Gort is ever so slightly Scots, Casper is common as muck northern with a bit of Lancashire thrown in for good measure, Jill is Queen’s English BBC newsreader.

This isn’t the ‘right’ answer or anything, though, I’d be very interested to hear what other people hear in them :D

Oooh, I didn’t know that! It always has sounded like Casper and Shard have accents (Cas sounding brit and Shard sounding almost kinda Irish to me) But from the speech pattern of the others (how they’re dialoged/typed at least ) I’ve never noticed a possibility for accents on them. So in my head they’ve all sounded like generic North American to me. (The states and Canada have different accents for different regions, but what sounds ‘generic’ to me is usually Western Canadian and north-west American. ) Although I can TOTALLY see Jill speaking super-ultra proper British now.

Thanks for that bit of info! Makes imagining them talk much more fun now. :D

Coming out of my years-long lurking just to say I love Elia’s action. That’s what I call good writing. With you being a female author and artist, I’d have been deeply disappointed if you had let her be damsel in distress. (Still frowning on your original idea to do that.)
Also want to say that I enjoy your comic, especially the current chapter.

Yeah, originally he was just going to jump out of a window, then he was going to take Elly hostage, then I thought no wait that makes her a stupid person and she is not a stupid person. It was an idea that was quickly dismissed, if that makes you feel better ;)

I do try my hardest to not represent women horribly, I could’ve done a better job with Mink over the years, I think, but I’m something of a raging feminist so there’ll never be anything awful :)

Glad you like the comic!

Blackshard, bleeding all over the place and all he cares about is the coat.

Also, Casper should pretend to pass out or something. So he needs CPR. It probably wouldn’t work, but IT’S WORTH A TRY. >:D

She stabbed him in spite of being grabbed in the standard female grab area (i.e. the upper arm)! I am happy beyond words. :)

Please, please say that Darken will wind up in a printed form after you’ve finished.

And Shard’s just accessorizing like crazy! First a new coat, and now a new steak knife.

Haha that’s fantastic :D

Erm, print, I’m really not sure. I didn’t really optimise it for print from the start, and many, many chapters are horribly ugly, not to mention the massive copyright infringement with using a beholder and the D&D archdevils.. I might chuck together something but it won’t be quite as good as I’d like :(

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