October 13th, 2011- Epilogue, Page 3

So! The last comic page :) Be back on Monday, though, where we’ll say our proper goodbyes, and there’ll be some sketches to show what happened to some of the other characters. I’ll be posting the sketches on my Tumblr a little earlier, so follow that if you haven’t already- http://komiyan.tumblr.com/

Gosh, my hands are actually trembling! There’ll be more of an outpouring on Monday, and then the Monday after, that’s the 24th, Widdershins will be launched :)

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Had fun? Spare cash? Awesome!


Wow, what a journey! I can’t believe it’s all over now. It feels like forever ago that I first rolled those dice and had my lowly barkeep join your party of vagabonds and criminals… Thank you for making Darken so much more than what we did for fun on those cold Durham nights.

I’ll be straight to your table at Thoughtbubble with a huge hug (and maybe a little present ;) ), 6 years is too long not to have seen you

Love and D6′s,

Casper Lockwood/Jack Edwards-Fox

I hate to sound greedy, but I wonder, years down the road, after Widdershins, if we might be able to re-visit Darken, even if it’s not with (all of) the same cast. I think my addiction to George R. R. Martin is also that his world seems more evil than good and it’s interesting to see how things differ.

Other aspects of Darken – politics, different religions, the destruction or expansion of the Citadel of Light, or the ever-popular “second generation” type story might cool. Gort may have left a child behind (possibly with Mink), Jill and Casper almost certainly will, and even if Mink and/or Komi didn’t, there might be a story to be told.

Mrr. I thought ‘donate!’ And then I saw the Corset Story ad on the side. They ripped me off but GOOD. So now after a very, very bad evening, I’m going to go away, and appreciate the comic tomorrow, when perhaps a different ad will show.

To anyone who asks, they are right bastards who send ill-fitting (despite multiple precise measurements and checks of measurements and re-checks of measurements) and their corsets are of inferior quality even if they DID fit. Cheap doesn’t mean good. Especially if one is…short.

I *will* donate, obviously, I’ve never failed before. I just can’t take that bloody ad on top of a severely horrible evening. Maybe when I wake up.

Can’t wait to see where Jill and Mink ended up, as well as how Gort’s good brother is doing with the idea that his twin is a Lord of Hell…

Awesome comic! Been following since… last page actually. The penultimate page was the first one I saw when I discovered this. It felt weird when I realized that.

So, yes, this is great and you are great for making it! Thank you! And of course I will read the next one as soon as possible.

But, if it’s not too much, I do have somewhat of a question that’s been nagging me. Are Mink and her brothers full brothers, or half brothers? Because their mom didn’t seem like the kind to fall heads over heels for a human of all things, but she didn’t look like the kind to casually end up with one AT LEAST three times, either. So, uh which is it?

Been following this crazy ride from the beginning, and thankyou for dragging us kicking and screaming along with you Kate. Here’s to falling in love with characters you create in a comic all over again in Widdershins.

Ah! Perfect ending for this masterpieice of a comic.Great job Komiyan,I think you created something truly extraordinary,and I can’t wait to start reading Widdershins :).Thank you for your hard work Komiyan,you are awesome ^__^.

Love the comic.. but I just don’t get this ending. Yes, Komi is Gort’s most loyal subject, but there are two things that surprise me:

1) Why Gort would choose someone so timid to represent his power.
2) Why Komi, who would be far far far FAR last of anyone in that group to want power… would accept it.

I did enjoy reading the comic though. I think I might go back through and read it a second time.

Why wouldn’t Komi want power that wouldn’t try to kill him at some point? Reasons why he would want: like the professor told the cowardly zoidberg:”who needs courage when you have a gun”? Komiyan would have means to protect himself from good and evil, as we seen on the begining of the comic, he dosent mind killing :) demons have been following him, likely that also mephistopholis will seek revenge on his lil heretic that cost him his layer of hell, plus, Komi is, yknow, evil. Evil wants power just as much as survival, sometimes both at the same time, plus he probably grown fond of, and is aware of what will happen in case he won’t take the job from gort, damn I want to reread the comic again now, and it was kind of evil of you to give us an open ending like that, and for that I salute you komiyan.evil all the way from tip to toe, a perfect work of literature, I’m sad that it’s over, but well done, marvelous ending.

the link is part of the answer. komi does possess a timidness, but when push comes to shove, he’ll even face off a lord of hell. and while hesitant to give himself credit, for being part of the winning team, he does acknowledge it. what better disciple could you want? insanely brave, yet humble. loyal to a fault, yet anti-authoritarian when required.

throughout the story, though, we’ve seen more of komi’s quiet bravery. in a battle, he is always courageous, a true team player. never bragging, but always contributing something, and the source of his inspiration seems to be his drow faith and religion. as a devout drow who proved himself worthy, this is the ultimate reward. i don’t see how komi, of all people, would ever turn this down. he stood with gort all the way – why would he abandon him now? this is the most natural and fitting ending, and i am so pleased to see komi get his just reward.

like everyone else said, just such an insanely wonderful ending, beautifully written, drawn and executed. brings the story together and ties it up perfectly, while leaving us hoping for more one day. furthermore, it is true that aside from colby purcell and sarah ellerton, we don’t get too many worthy comic creators actually finishing projects. KOL HAKAVOD – all the honor to you, you have achieved something big! thanks for all the years of entertainment, and for having thought this story out so well, and sticking with it.

Komi is absolutely brave and loyal.. no question about that. I did not mean timid in the sense that he would run from a battle, and most assuredly would never run from helping a friend.

I meant timid compared to Gort. It’s been beaten to a pulp that Gort is hedonistic above all else and quite showy about it. Why then would he choose someone who *prefers* “quiet bravery” to represent him? Wouldn’t he rather someone make grandiose campaigns proclaiming everything in the name of mighty, all powerful Gort?

Well, Gort didn’t very well represent Mephistopheles, who is represented in the story as cunning and debonair while Gort is anything but. I think the usual rule of a disciple being like the master is a non-issue here. Gort has chosen well for all of Komi’s other traits, and there’s been hints through the comic that Mephistopheles should have chosen Komi in the first place. The story may have been very very different otherwise…

Oh, I am seriously going to miss these characters. A LOT. I am glad, however, that this comic ended so very well, instead of teetering off on a bender and getting lost somewhere.

But I’m still going to miss this comic, and these characters, so very much.

I’m looking forward to the wrap-ups, and then to Widdershins, but this is still a poignant goodbye to a comic I loved. Thanks for sharing this story with us!

I remember stumbling upont his comic a long time ago. I felt that the characters weren’t fluid, and positioned awkward almost constantly, and yet the sense of story was there, and it was a unique webcomic, what with the april fool day redemptions, and the unabashedly evil cast. It is a deconstruction of shallow evil, and been a wonderful journey. I’ve recommended this comic to many of my friends, and shall do so again today. It’s hard to let go of this story, sadly…thank you.

Thanks for the recommendations, I hope they enjoy it too!

I’d love to know if you feel that I got any better with the fluidity and positioning, I know woodeness was a big problem I had once upon a time, and I’ve been working hard to get rid of it, but it still plagues me.

of course its gotten better! Even basic things like Gort stabbing someone through and the like, I only mentioned it at all because I was doing a read through, and noted how ‘off’ things like Casper backstabbing Leon, or the race looked, mostly because of how things look now.

Also, I love how you drew Asmodeus, string tie and everything, an awesome interpretation of him!

Thank you for this epic journey, Darken became true part of my life after those years of reading. So I can’t wait to see Widershins.
Cheers and good luck to your next work.

I’ve never actually commented before but I have been a loyal reader for a long time now and HAD to comment now that its all over. That still hasnt sunk in yet, but this comic will be missed though at the same time this was a brilliant way to end it. I loved this story, all the characters were great, each story arc was amazing, loved it all. Thank you for creating this and sharing it with the rest of us. :)

Perfect bookends to the story. I’ve been following along for a fair portion of the ride and so glad I kept up with this when I let a lot of other comics fall by the wayside along the way. Can’t wait to see what you do with Widdershins – I’ll be sticking by that one all the wya, too.

AMAZING. The best ending to any webcomic i have ever seen!
though now that i think about it i should expand that to make it more impressive(‘Cause finished webcomics are RARE)… Best Ending To Any Series of Visual Media!

I love this comic so very friking much… Lets try to make that feeling come trough.
This story connects with my inner cool-evil self and makes me happy (in an evil way).
I remember the perfect introductions of our evildoers, the miracle bond, the twin-good-brother!, the punishment in other plane, the red dragon and how Jill trick him, the cursed locket of Casper, the brother showdown and trip to the past (by far my best moment in this comic), the trip to the shadow realm, the Regalia at last, a summer of change and vengeance, and the final challenge completed thanks to the entire party.

Just perfect.
So many details that made it perfect (in an evil way), funny (in an evil way) and evil ^^
Jill sarcasm and wits, Casper sweet deadly smile, Komiyan fear-resolve, Mink mighty and girly, and Gort anti-humilty and awsome to all evil extend.

It ended and I’m sad with tears in my eyes.. Why endings are always so sad?
But I’m happy.
(in an evil way >=D)


Hello and well met again, long time no post on my part.

I can honestly say I am quite pleased with the sense of closure that I felt when I read this page. The story has come its full cycle and cncludes on a very satisfying note. The plot maintained the air of adventure all throughout the work and reminded me (as it should) of a brilliant Dungeons & Dragons campaign. I look forward to your upcoming comic, Widdershins, and I have no doubt you will rise to and surpass the standard you set with Darken.

Thank you for the pleasure and privilege of reading your work.

Sincerely, your copyright law advisor,
~Francis Vixen

Bravo! One of the most well written and executed webcomics I have read! I will sorely miss returning to this page and seeing new updates and artwork, but the story progressed well and, unlike other stories I could think of, had an awesome ending!
All your fans thank you, and look forward to Widdershins!

Congrats on your epic ending! Can’t wait to get the book (I’m excited for all of the art tweaks) and the sketches of what happened to everyone else. I’ll miss Gort and the gang, they were great fun!
Thank you for sharing this awesome story with us and looking forward to the next one!

So… this is it.

Thank you Kate for all these wonderful years. Your comic was awesome, thrilling, heart-breaking, halirious, full of joy, and just so damn good. Seriously the best comic I’ve read.

I’m happy it ended. It deserved the finest of endings. The goal was reached, and our heroes made it to top.

I’m looking forward the launch of Widdershins (What does the name mean, anyway?), since I’m sure it will possess the excellence of Darken.

See you around :)

That… was a wonderful ending. Komi’s loyalty didn’t go unnoticed, and got him the greatest reward. And IT ALL BEGINS AGAIN. Yaaaaay. Only we don’t get to see it from here on out, alas. After-sketches will be nice, though! Widdershins will be even better than sketches though. So sad for one end, but more stuff to look forward to! Yaaaaaay.

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