October 19th, 2010

Gort tires of these ‘emotions’ and wishes to smash.

We found a place to live! Survival- Now a distinct possibility!


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In the war room, Gort and Mink are already strategising when Casper and Komi arrive...

GORT: You are late!
MINK: Finally, where have you been?

CASPER: Well, I'd be really apologetic if you'd ever actually asked for us at one of your fancy meetings before.. can't blame us for assuming.
MINK: *pinches the bridge of her nose* I've hardly had time to keep you updated, Casper..

MINK: What with.. one thing and another.
CASPER: Oh.. uh, yeah. Sorry about your mum.. she seemed alright.

MINK: She really was.
GORT: Enough of this!

GORT: Minion! I have need of you!
KOMI: O-of course, sir!
GORT: What have you been wasting your time with?

KOMI: Oh, well.. I was just trying to track down Shard, really.. I've let people go before, and it always seems to go badly for me..
GORT: You are learning the worthlessness of mercy, good!
KOMI: I-I think we're pretty close, Casper's found some leads..

KOMI: I mean, unless you want me to be doing something else now..
MINK: Actually, that's exactly what we want you to do. You have to find Shard, or our plan is in ruins.

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“What have you been wasting your time with?” because my minion can’t possibly have done anything worthwhile that I didn’t tell him to do…

Your comic is excellent… just throwing this out there, there’s a typo in the last panel where it says “that’s exactly want we want”.

Feel free to delete this post after you see it or what not

@Mac- It’s a wide angle perspective. Komi is in front of Casper, you can tell by his right arm being fully drawn and Casper being behind it. The perspective of the drawing is direct- so there isn’t a focal point. Meaning Komi is ‘closer’ to the audience then Casper.

The plot progresses and Komi is appreciated, at least a little bit.

As for being called minion, I think Gort either never bothered to learn Komi’s name or forgot when he got distracted by something else.

Huh … in the first panel, when Komi and Casper are entering, Komi is distinctly taller than Casper … I thought Casper was the taller one? Waaahh – now I’m all confused!

O_O Was Gort almost complementing Komi? That was awfully close to him being “nice”…also has Gort ever used Komiyan’s name? I think normally he just calls him Drow, right?

I think it was more Gort approving of a (the) minion becoming slightly more useful by acquiring handy skills, like ignoring morals. …But yeah, it was almost…nice. For Gort.

Where’s Gort’s crown? Isn’t he supposed to have all 3 pieces now?

It merged with him ages ago, that’s why he has pointy teeth now.

that’s rather convenient, o great komiyan. but it is canon and was explained previously, so it’s nice of you to explain again. it’s absurd and classic all at the same time that at this stage in the game gort still refers to KOMI as ‘minion’ as if he were one of a thousand nameless minions. gort, you ain’t got enough minions to go calling anyone minion, but you got balls enough for a thousand minions. problem is, komiyan would then have to draw a thousand minions! ;-)

so who’s the inside spy already who knows about jill? say it’s casper! was this already explained and now i’m being dim?

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