September 22nd, 2010

Dang Mink, your god so ugly

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In the temple of Hextoria, Mink kneels before the altar...

MINK: Hextor, in your name she lived, and in your name, she is laid to rest.
MINK: Silvador, the dragon queen of your lands..

MINK: Slain in battle by a.. a..

Her hands clench on eachother hard enough that they tremble, and when she looks up, it is with a snarl...

MINK: ..She protected us to her last, and in your name I will avenge her. Her blood for his.

MINK: His daughter for my mother.

She is interrupted by a nervous maidservant appearing at the chapel doors behind her...

MAID: M-my lady, I'm sorry to inter-
MINK: <i>What?</i>
MAID: Ah! Uhm, your brother is asking for you..

Mink thunders out of the temple without further comment, the maid flinching out of her way as she leaves...

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Psithief, Silvador is blue….. easier to cremate…. And Kersheys, knowing Hextor, it is most likely she was cremated. Nox, The Tamrielic universe started life as a D&D campaign played by the original developers of The Elder Scrolls, so yes… yes Hextor is actually Mehrunes Dagon. Both of them follow the same creeds and look the same. *grin*

Ok, so, I stumbled across this comic earlier tonight, read it straight through, and my (incredibly exhausted and awake too long) self just has a few things to say:

I LOVE THIS COMIC. And I’m broken hearted that I just happened to glance at comments a few back and see it’s not got much longer left. Here is where I break down in tears….*sob* Hours and hours of reading, getting so attached and thinking- wow, this comic has been going strong all this time, the future looks bright! and then *pop* my joy bubble was burst. Still, I’m so very, very glad to have found it!

The characters are great, I love them, though I think Casper is my absolute fave. But I always favor the rogue types. I’m really glad to see Lyam may not be dead! He’s so much fun.

I cannot wait to see how the story ends up, though I’m very much not looking forward to that ending. I will definitely be interested in any of your future works, though.

Now for sleep before I seriously have to fend of hubby grumpiness!

Yay, glad you like the comic :) Trust me, I’m as upset as you are about the end being nigh, but it’s been 7 years and if I don’t give it a proper ending it might end up petering out in a rubbish fashion and I feel I owe it to myself to do it right.

What I’m pretty sure I’ll do is finish it properly then maybe do a few short stories for fun and that, so I could write the characters I enjoy without the obligation of doing a proper big ending.

(casper is my favourite too)

Hmm. So, it’s been hinted that Jill is Baal’s daughter (unless it’s actually Sophael, and we’re just supposed to _think_ it’s Jill).

Assuming it is Jill, then there’s some options. She may or may not know she is Baal’s offspring. If she knows, she may or may not be loyal to him. Since we do know that Baal’s daughter is being “watched”, and I highly, highly doubt that anyone could out-spy Jill, I would assume she was aware of it. It’s also doubtful she would feel the need for any of Baal’s lackeys to be keeping an eye on her, they haven’t done squat-all in the way of protecting her so far, and it’s terribly unlikely she would point out Baal’s rising influence to the others if she was in his camp. This leads me to posit that her loyalties are still nothing but her own, which makes her a definite wildcard.

If she is Baal’s daughter, that’s going to lead to some unfortunate times with Mink’s vow, there. Still a lot of if’s and maybe’s in the mix, though.

If nothing else, it’s certainly a dramatic hook to keep on reading, as if we needed more. :)

You misunderstood, Jill is not Baal’s daughter. She actually discovered Baal’s daughter is one of her students in the school, specificaly Mary Kelso, the orphan she found on the streets and later on used her to acquire that school.

Perhaps, perhaps, but that always seemed too obvious to me. There’s red herrings you wiggle on the ground to attract attention, and then there’s red herrings you outright slap people in the face with and say, “You’re supposed to watch this.”

Unless there’s been something I missed, it’s never been outright stated, “Mary Kelso is Baal’s daughter”. I still think it could be Jill.

Or, I could be overthinking. Heh. Either way, it’s an amusing diversion.

Oh man, I think I see Baal’s plan. Kill Lyam to piss of Silvador, kill Silvador to piss off Mink, kill Mink and by extension kill Gort. (Step 3, profit!)

…We still haven’t seen the blood bond’s effects on Regalia-of-Evil’d-Gort, have we?

A solid theory, but there’s gotta be more to it than tha. If Baal just wanted Gort dead so he could take over unopposed, he would have killed him upon possessing Tyr.

If it was me, I’d rather kill the one who killed my mother than kill his daughter. But perhaps she doesn’t like her chances against him and hopes that killing his daughter first will throw him off so that he will make mistakes, so that the group can kill him.

This page made me feel sad, especially paired with the music I was listening to. One tiny idea though, make a no-word panel between the “slain in battle by a… a.” and “she protected” (aka between the third and fourth panel) to make the reader understand the power behind those words. …if that makes sense

Pretty sure if Lyam died than Mink would be mourning more than Silvador. Seems that solid non-arcane healing and the healing power of a god of war pulled through. (Although maybe Komi is still messing with us… nah…. are you?)

You don’t need beauty to cave a cocky Archdevil’s face in. Assuming that gods are a step or two higher than Archdevils in Darken. Plus I wonder if gods have similar restrictions on meddling in the mortal realms like the devils do.

Would love a answer. I’m curious.

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