September 29th, 2011 – Epilogue, Page 2

Who’s calling Gort short now?

One left :| Then I’ll do some sketches that’ll fill in what happened to a bunch of the characters, I couldn’t make it fit into the epilogue without it going a bit Potter.

PS. I have a Tumblr now! Follow it or whatever it is you do with these things!

Hey book preorders are still open! Production is going along swimmingly, I hope to have a cover to show you soon, but for now, here’s this week’s sample of the ten million art tweaks I’ll be doing-

These tweaks will NOT be online ever, so if you want a far prettier Darken, this is your only chance!

Not too bad, huh? Interested in a copy?

Here’s how it works- I need preorders so I can afford the print run in the first place- Comics are my actual job now, so oddly enough there isn’t a lot of spare income around- By preordering you’re helping this to happen! I can’t guarantee a completion date for it (it’s looking like January 2012), but I will be working flat-out to get this done and on your doorstep soon. Also, you’re getting it slightly cheaper by preordering, and it’ll be your only chance to get a sketched one, so it’s good for both of us! I’m hoping to have the second book out not long after the comic’s finished, too, so it’ll all be wrapped up neatly in two volumes.

Also, for a measley £3 extra, you can get your copy sketched and signed in, feel free to request a specific sketch if you like! Only pre-orders will get sketches!

So, who’s up for this? :)

Editions and shipping


Because the last page is coming up I come back here almost every day just hoping the comic DIDN’T get updated. Thank you so much for such an awesome comic, komi!

Throughout this entire storyline, Komiyan had a plan: Make a friend who is both willing and powerful enough to fix his eyesight. Good job, guy.

Also, I’ll be the first to call that he gets a BOSS new outfit. That denim(?) coat was cool, but it’s got to go.

And great job to you, Komi! It’s been a wonderful run. Huh. After you start Widdershins, will we call you by that comic’s main character’s name, or will you still go by Komi? It has such a nice ring to it, I’d hate to have to see it change.

Widdershins doesn’t actually have set main characters, as such- It’s going to be a series of shorter stories, sometimes with recurring characters, like Discworld, sorta :)

And I think I’ll just be going by Kate! Might make people stop thinking I’m a dude ;)

…People thought you were a guy? Have they, oh, not noticed your marriage and so forth? Jeez, roleplay a male once and you’re stained forever.

Ahh, it’s understandable, I use the name of a male character and tend to have an avatar of him, and I draw a lot of swords. I get the confusion!

Think I’ll have the last page done today, btw. I’m a bit too scared to go into the office and ink the last panel…

Eeeeee…I’m both anticipatory and terrified. I’ve loved this comic so, so much for so, so long.

And hey, I’m not letting anybody off the hook for that. I roleplayed a male character for nearly three years and now have him embodied in a BJD, I answer to his name, have had him as the background on my computer for five years, my phone for three, use him as an avatar, and nobody ever got confused as to MY gender. …Then again, I don’t draw except on pumpkins for Hallowe’en and I took a berserker and made him…not sane, but…insanely loving inbetween ‘Damn I need to go torture and kill people because I’m bored/it’s just been too long’? It got all twisted around. I think it’s simply that people are unobservant.

I am so going to cry when the final page goes up. See? That’s probably why people never assumed I was a guy. I invite them to go through my life for happy funtimes, though, or to do half the things a strong woman does with a grim face and a firm spine. So there.

I can’t think of a reason why, but even when towering over Komi, he looks very short. Maybe it’s just my tired eyes reading this 4:30am.

I think it’s just because of his short legs relative to his torso, and the angle we’re seeing him from makes his legs even shorter-looking. He’s always had a short person’s build, so apparently he kept it even when he grew up. Err… grew.

1. OMG!!! AWESOMENESS!!! It’s killing me!
2. Awesome cape, awesome armor!! I know how much trouble is armor for you, so thank you for making it cool ^^
3. One page left…. I’ll leave a speech in there to say all I need about this comic.
4. I’m so proud of Komiyan. The perfect amount of evil, skill, and low profile.
5. We all knew it. Still perfect.

Well Komiyan’s probably going to be the worst disciple ever, but hey, Gort’s judgement has never been the best. I mean, Komiyan’s loyal, but he isn’t disciple material in any other way.

Not evil enough for you??

When needed Komiyan showed merciless actions and piercing words. I’m proud of him ^^

(Obviously, surrounded by so many capable evil people, they were only few time when-needed xD)

2. Noooooo only one more! I’m really gonna miss Darken.
3. I love Gort’s Evil Grin.
4. I hope Disciplehood works out well for Komi.
5. Noooooo only one more!


ME, ON THIS PAGE: …Oh, that demon is gonna PAY. >3 This is gonna be EPIC–wait, what? ONLY ONE PAGE LEFT?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! TT__________TT -sobsobsob-

Well, I can only assume that all the other Archdevils have taken to wearing platforms just to make Gort feel short again. Besides that, awesome job on Archdevil Gort, lets hope he doesn’t make the same mistake as Mestophilies…

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