September 7th, 2011

Oh, don’t fight, you’re BOTH pretty!

It’s just epilogue left now, which is.. terrifying. Three pages, eek! I’m sorry about the rate rate dropping to a crawl, it’s because I’m buffering up Widdershins so it’ll update 3 times a week all nice and neat. So far it’s got two month’s buffer, hoping to push that up more before it launches.. Been working on the book too, chapter 2 is a doozy to fix, see below.

Hey book preorders are still open! Production is going along swimmingly, I hope to have a cover to show you soon, but for now, here’s this week’s sample of the ten million art tweaks I’ll be doing-

These tweaks will NOT be online ever, so if you want a far prettier Darken, this is your only chance!

Not too bad, huh? Interested in a copy?

Here’s how it works- I need preorders so I can afford the print run in the first place- Comics are my actual job now, so oddly enough there isn’t a lot of spare income around- By preordering you’re helping this to happen! I can’t guarantee a completion date for it (it’s looking like January 2012), but I will be working flat-out to get this done and on your doorstep soon. Also, you’re getting it slightly cheaper by preordering, and it’ll be your only chance to get a sketched one, so it’s good for both of us! I’m hoping to have the second book out not long after the comic’s finished, too, so it’ll all be wrapped up neatly in two volumes.

Also, for a measley £3 extra, you can get your copy sketched and signed in, feel free to request a specific sketch if you like! Only pre-orders will get sketches!

So, who’s up for this? :)

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MEPHISTOPHELES: What? You cannot be serious, child!

MEPHISTOPHELES: Your Lordship, you cannot see this happen on the whim of a brat that-
ASMODEUS: That brat is my only heir.

ASMODEUS: Yes, I do believe this is the most.. amusing path, at least. Will you accept, Gort? It does, of course, mean relinquishing the Regalia, and that strange little bond you have with the dragonling..

GORT: Yes! This is what I was born for! I will be the greatest devil that ever was!

Komiyan looks horrified at this, and hurriedly whispers in Gort's ear...

GORT: Hrm.
GORT: -Less great than yourself, of course.. Lord Asmodeus..

GORT: *shakes his fist up at Mephistopheles* But far better than you!
MEPHISTOPHELES: You wretched little-! Without me you'd be nothing!

MEPHISTOPHELES: How dare you! If you were not my Disciple in the first place you'd be dead!
GORT: Hah! More the fool you to give away your power to the Lord of Hellfire!
MEPHISTOPHELES: Will you stop calling yourself that! You're not the lord of anything!
GORT: I am the Lord of the Seventh! Gort the All-Powerful!
MEPHISTOPHELES: You got lucky, you sad little mortal! None of this was by your design!
GORT: Lucky?! The Lord of Hellfire needs no luck!

Asmodeus simply smiles as the argument rages...

ASMODEUS: Yes, this will be amusing indeed.

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Hahaha. Looks like Asmodeus also saw an angle that Mary might not have. With the regalia, Gort could totally have tried to take him on and now he’s gotten him to voluntarily give it up. Did Gort just totally forget that his having the regalia was so he could fight his boss’ boss and have a chance of winning?

I had a weird dream last night that Darken updated the last few pages. It was a dream though, so it was all disjointed and I couldn’t read the words. Also, I grew wings and started chucking plastic action figures, that were also alive and talking, at family members and things were mostly a WTF when my alarm went off. Either I need more sleep, or I need resolution to some deep seated problems. :)

I bought a copy of volume 1 like 3 months ago xD
So, i got two questions.
1. May I buy more stuff, to be send all together? How do I manage to make that happens? I mean get the to orders to mash up
2. How do I let you know which sketch do I want?? (I want awsome-Casper ^^)
3. When will be the prints ready!!?? =D


1. Heck yeah, there’s not much besides badges and Mink keyrings in the store right now though, but I did order in some new keyrings the other day, including a Casper one :3 I can mash together the orders no problem, it’s easy enough for me to do!

2. You just let me know! I’ll put it on the list :) I was going to do a mailout to everyone that didn’t specify their sketches anyway.

3. I don’t think they’ll be ready til at least January, unfortunately, since I’m buffering Widdershins like crazy so it’ll update nice and neatly like clockwork three times a week.

1. Cool. I’ll wait. I want to make a “Darkended” shopping spree xD
2. Ehm… I want … Casper being awesome! like killing someone or being ninja-like
3. T_T
Well, it will give me time to shop some more =D

Now I want a series about a hero trying to defeat Gort. XD And just where IS Jill, by the way? How does she always manage to avoid the most dangerous situations? And what will life on Darken be like 10 years from now? What will Gort’s disciple or heir be like? Will it be Komi? I have a million questions!

…Your epilogue pages had better be half a mile long….

Oh, and thank you so much for the keychain! And the stickers! And the sketch you did on the outside of the envelope! Komi being nervous about getting lost in the mail was priceless. X]

Tyr maybe? I remember Komiyan mentioning a Regalia of Good being in the story years back. Maybe a sequel involving Tyr seeking to dethrone and defeat the devil Gort.

Wishful thinking most likely, but who knows?

I have to move on from D&D stuff personally.. I might do some short Darken stories, but it’ll never be anything huge and epic again.

Burned out on D&D? I know how you feel. Maybe you will feel that spark again someday. But if not, then cool. I’m looking forward to your new stuff either way.

I-I almost can’t believe it. o_O I thought for sure that big bad devil man would correct is daughter then explain a better course of action.

*grins* I wonder how long Gort will last as an archdevil. XD

Nice save, Komi.

Well, it was that or having to sweep up bits of Gort, so..

Well, yes, but really I’m admiring that he was able to convince Gort to change what he was saying at ALL. Since normally it takes something like hitting him until he has a severe concussion just to shut him up, let alone change his…er…perceived attitude. Because obviously he hasn’t *actually* changed his attitude whatsoever.

Oh cool Asmodeus remembered to get rid of The Bond. That could have ended badly if he hadn’t, you can’t have an Archdevil who is that easy to kill. It would send a bad message.

I’m totally appreciative of this turn of events with one caveat…Gort isn’t going to have to grow a beard is he? Or turn himself funny colours? I can’t support a bearded green Gort.

HELL YEAH!Asmodeus is such a troll XD.
Anyway,thanks Komiyan for your comic that is made out of awesomness.I’m a bit sad because it’s soon over but,I’m also extrelmley happy because I could read it.And becasuse of Widdershins too.It’s going to ROCK! :))).

Three pages?!

I’m gonna be so sad.

I’ve been very literally crying at the near-end of my favourite webcomic for months now. I’m pretty sure my husband’s tired of it, but fortunately he’s patient with me getting snot on his shirts as I wail.

More patience than my boyfriend…

Every update, when I cry about the awesomeness and the little time left of the comic, my BF says “I’ll comfort you when it’s actually over” and goes his merry way! D=

Will Gort get a brand spanking new (and tall) devil form, or will he remain short for eternity?

Gort… tall… that’s a really strange image… Anyway, as an archdevil, it’s probably in his power to give himself what ever look he wishes, at least in his realm.

And Gort should totally make Komi his secretary / disciple / whatever, so Komi can warn him, if he intends to do too stupid things (hey, Gort actually listened to Komi’s warning on this page), and doesn’t have to fear Mephistopheles revenge to much.

I am still confused as to why a Devil would want an heir. Aside from randomly getting stuck in a slime gem when would a Devil lose “die” and need to be replaced.

I don’t know how long gort will last. He has a problem with authority and he’s absurdly ambitious.

Probably just what Asmodeus wants. Keep the lower ranks in chaos so they can’t overthrow you.

Asmodeus knows that Mephy has been planing to overthrow him for years. Now he has to deal with Gort as a neighbor/co worker

I can’t help but wonder if Gort’s “strange little bond” refers to the link Violet gave them or two whatever under-the-surface feelings he might have for her.

Gort still has no sense of self-preservation.
Thank goodness (or should that be darkness?) that he has minions looking out for him.

Oh, I think Mary’s picked the right path. Devils revel in CHAOS. It’s a suitable punishment for all of the guilty parties involved- and will provide vast amounts of entertainment for Asmodeus for some time to come.

Demons revel in chaos- devils are lawful. Which makes Gort’s very chaotic self among the ranks of the most ridiculously law-bound outsiders to ever exist quite interesting.

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