December 3rd, 2009


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MINK- Gort?
ELIA- He's coming round, I think..
MINK- Thank Hextor, it's about time..

GORT- Where the hells am I? I was about to fight Baal!
MINK- No, you weren't. He hit you once and you blacked out.. We barely made it out before it started raining demons.
GORT- Demons are nothing before me!

GORT- You! Turn this thing around!
SHARD- Wouldn't even if I knew how to!
CASPER- This is pretty much the best thing I ever stole.

JILL- You must wait for your chance. Now would not be the most prudent time to strike.
GORT- Hrmph.. Where are we going, then?
MINK- Hextoria. I know I'd feel safer behind castle walls, with Mother and her army there.

JILL- Perhaps YOU are going to Hextoria, but I am not. Baal has no interest in me, and I have none in him. I've asked Casper to stop this thing at Falloakes, I have a business to run.

MINK- That sounds an awful lot like running away..
JILL- I was under the impression that we all were, in a speeding carriage as we are.

MINK- ..Well, I can't really argue with that.
JILL- No, you can't.

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