The End- Read the newspost for more epilogue stuff!

Words can’t quite describe how I feel at the moment, it’s very strange and new and exiting as anything! I can only hope you guys had a good time with this comic, because I did, I really did.

Here’s the link to Widdershins, the site is up, updates start next Monday when you’ll get three pages! Go go go!

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And finally, here are the extra character epilogues! Some are pretty much forgone conclusions, some have a few surprises. It’s all there for a little closure.



Silvador II:


Casper and Komi:


Elia and Lyam:



The Shadey Bunch:

Am I missing someone or something? Ask me anything in the comments or via the ask box on my Tumblr!

And.. I guess that’s it for now! Basically just.. thank you, thanks to all of you for making this an amazing, honestly life-changing experience. See you in Victorian-era England!


wow i cant belive its over its been quie a while since you made this and it ended well, sincerely i was especting a little more i felt like you rush your ending and i should have expect this when you anounced your new webcomic, but like i said it ended well i hope the new 1 is as good as this!

Sorry if you felt it was a little rushed, I’ve had the ending in mind since the start and we’ve been working along to it all the time, but I have to admit that the updates had been slowing because I’m enjoying the other comic more by now :)

I feel like I should point out that I didn’t end Darken prematurely because I wanted to make Widdershins, this was always the intended end, I know not many webcomics actually finish, but I don’t think that’s necessarily a good thing ;)

Thanks for reading, hope you like the next one!

So, regarding the book. Specifically, regarding this comic:

Is the answer to the mystery…

…in the book anywhere, or would we have to go to that forum topic to see it?

The first volume doesn’t go up that far in the story, it’ll be in the second volume. And yeah, the answer will be in the back, like a crossword book has them ;)

Thank you very much for your dedication to Darken. I’ve only been reading it for the past three or four years, but I’ve enjoyed every strip thoroughly.

Truly, this is an end of an era.

Thanks again,

You made the right choice Marrying Gort, Mightiest(In his own eyes) Lord of all hells. He’s always been my favorite character and whom I closely associate with. Despite my semi articulated speech since lords of hellfire don’t have time for that stuff.

I’ll be sending money your way sometime soon in hopes of getting some fan art, (Or in this case Author art) from you of Gort and maybe order a book too. Money is tight, but this is important to me. I need to have some rendition, even a if its a tiny sketch of my favorite overlord pinned up in my new apartment for inspiration. Oh and thank you SO MUCH for your time and effort put into the story, characters, and art. It’s been a hell of a ride and I’m really going to miss their quirks and personality. This post is already too long but I could talk a lot more. I’m going to miss them :/ But I’ll follow windershins and disable my adblock to show my support for you and your future efforts. Thanks Kate <3

Ah, Darken… <3
Kate/Komi, thanks for an awesome end to an awesome comic! Being a chronic lurker, I’ve never commented before, but I just had to join in on the chorus of (much deserved) praise and say how much I have loved and delighted in your deliciously evil story and characters over the past few years. You’ve really grown as an artist, and I’m glad I got to tag along for the ride. Thanks for all your hard work, and I can’t wait for Widdershins to help fill the void left by Darken’s (very fitting) conclusion.
(I’m also going to preorder the print version verrrry soon, so that should help too. ;D )

Ok, everyone is throwing their age in this comic… >.< so I'm gonna do that too

I started at May 2006 =D
5 years and a half!!! And they just flew away.

So sad it’s over… so happy for Komiyan who fully completed a truly wonderful comic with a true beginning and end! So glad to read very valid follow-ups leaving nothing untouched in my opinion. So curious to know if it’s okay I can start a rocky rolly jug band called The Shadey Bunch?
Can wait for Widdershins! Love ~Sam

Well, I’ve never posted here, I’m probably one of the newer readers, and I know this post is rather generic, but I’ve read through it all and just have to say thank you for a great story. And good luck on Widdershins, I know I’ll be reading it.

Thank you so much for a great ride! I found this comic not too long ago (maybe a year?) and I have been spreading it among my friends ever since!
We used to play a campaign in wich we were a cult dedicated to Asmodeus so it was especially fun to read about an evil DnD party! I will definately check out your new comic! And when I have money I will order a book! You’re awesome!

thank you for the epilogue, so now our villains have control of the world, in the only real sense possible. And for them, if not the world, they get a happy ending….this was Darken.

thank you.

I don’t think I’ve ever commented on the comic before (maybe once?), but I just wanted to say…

After reading Darken from almost the beginning (I think I found it about 6 months in), it’s been quite a ride, and something I’ve enjoyed through a lot of different changes in my life.
Thank you. :)

Bittersweet day Kate! I hated to see your comic end, but was super happy to get the special offer on one of your extra comics! Thanks for the years of awesome comic and thanks especially for the bonus comic! I look forward to Widdershins :)

Finally over, was a fun ride from page 12. Thanks for the laughs, the gasps, and the adventures. Sad to see it end, but we’ll always have the archives.

Thanks for everything.

I just started reading a few months ago, but man, you did a fine job in this story. It’s one of the best I’ve ever read in my life. I take off my hat. I’ll follow the new comic, I trust it will be as good (or even better) than Darken. Thank you for such a wonderful story.

Been reading this webcomic for the longest time like black and white panels and long update waits long. Loved the characters and the story. Sad to see it go but I’m excited to start reading your new work. Thanks for the memories.

Has it truly been 6 years that I have been reading Darken?

What can I say, it was among the best comics I have ever read, if not the single best. I literally loved the style, and the unorthodox story. Unfortunately I was eagerly waiting to see what happened after Gort’s ascension to power.

We will have to dream it ourselves, won’t we? :)

Best of luck with your new comic; I’ll be definitely following it.

Thanks once again for the excellent work you have created, and I hope it gave you the same pleasure during creation as it gave us while we were enjoying it.

Thanks for the cool story over several years! I admit I was a bit surprised today to see it end, but…haha was a bit hoping for the next story. Thanks nevertheless. Look forward to your next work!

Now i have like a bizillion question abut details.

1. Have the character a determined alignment? I have bet going on with my BF about this (I say they’re evil, he says they’re secretly good and clearly chaotic)
2. Is there an actual party of humans beings that play this campaign?
3. If there is, how much of the script was actually said? xD
4. And could you say thanks in my behalf? ^^
5. And what do the think of this? xD
6. On second thought, if possible, I’ll like to see the Character Sheets xD

… and so on to reach a bizillion of stalking-wanna-know-all-but-not-in-a-creepy-way fan questions xD

1. They did ingame, in the comic, not so much. It’s never something I took into consideration when writing them, really.

2. Yeah, it’s been years since it was over, though. In that thank-you image, they’re the names with the injokes at the end :) Now trying to guess who’s who, that’d be tricky..

3. Not lots, I went off-piste a lot of the time because D&D games don’t directly translate into comics very well, unless you want to read about the characters taking a break to get a pizza. We had some right laughs that sadly didn’t translate into comic-mode very well.

4. Of course!

5. Well, I’m married to Gort, so that one’s guessable! Mink and Jill both spoke to me this week over MSN, the Bear will probably give me a bonecrushing hug because that’s his thing. I haven’t spoken to the others in a little while, might see them at the next convention, I know Casper’s player tends to go along. It’d be nice to catch up.

6. Character sheets you say? None for Casper, true to form, he stole them away. I like these because the handwriting almost matches the characters :)

Aha haha!!! Love the little hints of how that bond changed Gort and Mink :) A fitting end to their story, and to everyone’s… a bit of a dundundunnnn with Tyr though… those angels might have been up to something in taking him, they still have quite the quarrel with Gort. A few questions left unanswered for the future, but with good stories, isn’t that best?

Oh my GOD, it’s over!?!? NUUUU!!! I’ve been following this since… God, since it was maybe a dozen pages long! PLEASE say you have a sequel in the works!

I’ve been reading for at least 5 years and while I’m sad that it’s over, I’m happy that it was with a good ending.

Thank you for all these years of entertainment!

You can be sure that I’ll be reading your new comic :D

Ah.. things like this make me feel old. I’ve been reading so many webcomics for so long I forget they have to end sooner or later. Then one crops up and ends on me. I always hate it when a good story ends but thank you for giving us this story over the years and above all? Thanks for giving us your talent for free.

good luck

I’ve been along for the ride for about 5 years now. I’m kind of sad to see it end, but it was a grand ending. Thank you so much, Komiyan, for entertaining me and the rest of us all these years. I know that Widdershins will be spun just as well as darken was, and I will impatiently wait until Monday.

Thanks for the comics! I’ve been reading Darken for about 4 years. Haven’t posted much, but clicked the bookmark fervently. It warms the heart of an old nerd to read D&D comics about high adventure. I’ll be seeing you in Victorian-era England.

Stiff upper lip!

And so ends an era.
This was a really good series that had great characters and a really good story line.
I like the ending bit where we get to see what happens to all of the other characters, an absolutely essential thing that all stories should do. I like that the Shady bunch get a good send off and I especially like Tyr’s ending.

You are a Great Story teller. I have read much as I have grown, and I love this story and the “angle” it is told from. I just wonder about Tyr? I hope to see more darken one day….I have high hopes for Tyr’s life to be better.

I’ve been gleefully following Darken for YEARS (since well before that ongoing challenge to see which webcomic could consistently update the longest…which, if I recall correctly, you won). The ending was great, and I always enjoy “Where Are They Now?” segments.

Darken has been one of those fun things to look forward to every once and a while, and although Gort & co. will be missed, now I get to enjoy Widdershins! Thanks for all your hard work.

Thank you! Just… thank you! :’)
See you at Widdershins! (I hope there will be another Lyam and another Komi) :-D

Seconded, Komi and Lyam are my top two charries here, their personalities are so perfect. Let there be characters like them in your next adventure and I’ll double love it.
I’ll love it anyways because you are an awesome writer/artist and give perfect depth to your characters.
Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go find a tissue for all these tears.

And now it’s over… 8 years, huh? I think I’ve been following Darken since… 2 or 3 years… Not much longer.
All those characters… They’ll live on in my memory.
Gort seems to be doing his job a little too well – I fear he’ll be reigning two circles of hell in no time, unless he leaves Mephs circle to Mary.
I’m going to cut off this comment lest it will become pages long… xD”
And now, on to Widdershins :D

Mary’s actions seem to imply that her father has no problem with Gort and his circle controlling the mortals. Better them than Baal, they’ve at least learned the value of friendship and loyalty, albeit in a curious manner, and Gort, unlike Meph, has no fashions on the big boss, just his former abuser/owner.

Congratulations for completing Darken, it was a truely a great pleasure to follow the adventures of Gort and company.

I may be an extra extra lurker (but the kind who pre-orders everything Darken-related ;)) but you can count on me to follow Widdershins !

What about Jade ?

I second the “what about Jade?” comment although, since you mentioned Lord Casper’s retinue, that partially answers the question.

Will these endings be in volume 2?

She’s one of his ‘lieutenants’, as it were- She deals with a lot of the trickier side of his businesses that he can’t be bothered with, makes threats on his behalf, etc. A very useful lady to have around.

And yeah, these will be in the second book :)

I think the curiosities may have been more of the ‘did Jade and Casper get together’ variety <..>

Not on my side since Casper covered their one and only date. I just wanted to know what she was up to because, while Jade would appreciate a wealthy benefactor and stable base of operations, she didn’t seem to be the type to just lounge around the mansion as part of Casper’s retinue.

Thanks Komi/Kate!

Will there ever be some short stories of our anti-heroes?? =3

Like… y’know… Mary and Silvador going together to smash Baal’s minions or Casper and Jill taking care of an annoying noble and such

I will even pay for them =D

Maybe! I’ve got a vague idea for one of Komi and Casper’s treasure hunt type adventures already. Can’t promise anything, though..!

I kinda like the idea of short-stories every now and then as they hit ya, perhaps write one up once in a while with a “donation drive” that unlocks it after a certain amount donated or something’ If the motivation and time ever pop up or anything… Actually that idea could be used for any thing short-story. XP

Rambling. @-@

Just dropping in to let you know Its been a good ride :).

very tastefully wrapped up. I’ll be sure to follow your future endeavours aswell.

thank you for your effort! I’ve enjoyed every page of it.

I’ve already said goodby to the comic so the only thing left to say is:The epilouge sketches.Are.BEYOND AWESOME! Truly,this is one great closure,for an equaly great comic :).Million and two thanks Kate:Fare well and see you at Widdershins ^_____^.

Oh boy. It’s truly over.
Aaaand thanks for Darken, Kate. It’s just great.
I like Komiyan’s story. After all he became a good Disciple of Gort. And gained confidence. And begun to drink beer. Oh my. Not the same drow anymore.
And… Silvador II … my, she looks kind of Gort-ish. I mean, just look at that jolly face. And think of Gort’s expression when he’s killing his foes. See the resemblance?
So, see ya at Widdershins.

Thank you very much for a web comic I thoroughly enjoyed. I’m looking forward to Widdershins, and if I can arrange it *cough* I will donate a few coins to it… eh… yeah. :)

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