The End- Read the newspost for more epilogue stuff!

Words can’t quite describe how I feel at the moment, it’s very strange and new and exiting as anything! I can only hope you guys had a good time with this comic, because I did, I really did.

Here’s the link to Widdershins, the site is up, updates start next Monday when you’ll get three pages! Go go go!

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And finally, here are the extra character epilogues! Some are pretty much forgone conclusions, some have a few surprises. It’s all there for a little closure.



Silvador II:


Casper and Komi:


Elia and Lyam:



The Shadey Bunch:

Am I missing someone or something? Ask me anything in the comments or via the ask box on my Tumblr!

And.. I guess that’s it for now! Basically just.. thank you, thanks to all of you for making this an amazing, honestly life-changing experience. See you in Victorian-era England!


There’s something in my throat… I’ve always liked a brilliant ending. Watching how the art improved page by page was amazing. After a week long reading binge i’ve finished Darken. Ah, epilogues always leave me with this wistful feeling inside. I’m glad that Tyr survived. No, i’m glad about how everything turned out in general.

Great comic! Congratulations on finishing it AND NOW HERE I GO TO WIDDERSHINS

This has been a GREAT webcomic. I’m sad to see it end, but it was a fitting end. It’s rather inspired me to try making an evil character, or run an evil campaign in some tabletop RPG, after seeing how well this story played out.
Now, on to Widdershins!

That was amazing. So, Darken is still on preorder in 2013? I guess I can preorder it. Must be close to completion. I am sure you probably wanted to fix up the early art. I get that. Wow. That was something. Have you ever considered trying your hand at screenplays? I will certainly miss all the characters. Gort especially. What an adorable, sweet little megalomaniac. He and Mink are such a perfect couple. Especially as they don’t live together. Is there a new time estimate on the book form of Darken?

I have to say, it’s a shame this comic ended – I started it a week or two ago, after catching up with Widdershins, and just finished it today. But I can see why you chose to end this story on the note that you did, and I really liked it. There were plenty of characters, of course, who were sacrificed for the sake of the story – and I have to say, I had to second-guess my assumptions about whether each of them would be, er, removed, or not.

There were a few more whose stories went almost entirely untold, and to me, that is more interesting still. I hope someday you’ll have some time to come back around and tell them, if you plan on telling them at all! But I am glad to have been able to read this. Thanks for doing such a good job in the telling, Komiyan!

I rarely comment on what i read on the internet, but you have forced my hand.

I discovered this webcomic a couple of years ago, came back to it ever now and then, but eventually lost it, probably due to having my favorite list eaten by static goblins, finding it again was quite enjoyable, and although i am sad to see the tale end, it was well told, from beginning to end.

I am also quite amused to note that you are responsible for widdershins, another quite good webcomic i found some time ago. Congratulations on actually finishing a story, something that not everyone can claim to have done, and i hope to see your witty and creative stories continue in widdershins.

Came across this some time ago when you were still at the Casper/Jade/factory arc, kinda forgot about it until yesterday when a friend re-recommended it. Personally I think Darken ended at its best in all respects which is simultaneously commendable and disappointing, but at least Widdershins is highly entertaining so far. Well done.

A friend linked to this the other night and I decided to check it out on a whim. I must say, I really enjoyed it.
Now to check out the other one.

Wow, read this over a weekend with ad blocker off– best of luck to you in your full time comic endeavors! It was a lot of fun, I agree the characters and dialogue were especially good, and watching the art style evolve was a treat! On that subject, is the second volume going to be converted to black and white too or will there be color after the point the comic ended up going full color online? (I understand if not, the difference in price must be a lot, huh..?)

Also I’m loving Widdershins! The first arc was beautiful and I can’t wait to see what happens with our two new ‘heros’. You really have a knack for engaging characterization and hooking people right in to their stories.

Also, I’d sort of like to know what happened to Blackshard…he seemed like if he could get one body of his own that wouldn’t rot he might not be such a git– er. Well ok probably always a git but not a traitorous murdering one maybe? ; p Though since he seems so proud about his possession abilities maybe that’s expecting too much..!

Very impressive comic!! I read through it all for half a day nonstop (blame my uneventful afternoon), and I really hooked into this comic. DnD feels, intricate plots, nice twists and dialogues, interesting characters (loved Komi and the shades, particularly xp), it has everything i loved ^^ I’m following your widdershins too, and it’s a good comic. I will keep reading your comics ^^

Oh yeah, do you ship the comic to Indonesia? I kinda want to order it, but i dunno if you will ship it here… ^^’

I have been following this comic for AGES. It’s been a consistently great read, and I am sad and happy about it ending – of course it would have been good to have more of this story but you gotta love a suitably epic ending.

Great stuff, Komiyan. I haven’t read through the comic in a long while, but I’ve had a good run-through from the beginning now.

Onto ordering some stuffs now, methinks.

I just finished the comic after a two-day binge. I must say I’m impressed, especially with the dialogue. I’ve taken some mental notes from how you do things like that, which is very much intended as a compliment. Good luck with future comics, and I do hope you keep at it. I’ll take a look at widdershins when there’s less going on. ^^

I haz a question! :D Maybe I missed it somehow… but who were the people that enslaved/adopted Gort? Just wondering. That was one of my many favorite parts of this comic btw, when they’re kids and you suddenly realize ‘woah no way actually Gort is the one without the sword!’ Awesome. :)

Certainly one of my favorites parts too. So much tension going on, time repeating itself but not quite, swords clashing, good vs evil!

And the question remains… they saw fire in Gort… who were they? what happen to them!?

I love the epilogue pages. I also think Vargo reading Silvador II bedtime stories and doing funny voices and everything has to be the cutest thing EVER! (I’m sure Vargo himself would be mortified at the glee of a mammal commoner such as myself.)

I got back to reading this again after having let go of all my webcomic reading
a while back to let them build up.
I dunno if you even go back to this site and read comments anymore but in case
you do I just wish to thank you for this truly enjoyable experience.
An awesome comic with wonderfully diverse characters and overall perfect plot
for an old RP player.
I can’t begin to describe how many times you’ve had me laughing out loud at one
of Gorts’ grandeur “delusion” incited comments such as “No sideways floors will stop The Lord of Hellfire!” – I always imagine him so sure sounding, spouting it almost as a demagogue shouting facts at the masses.

Thank you for a wonderful time! I hope your new spawn will be just as enjoyable!

Ahhh… that. was. AWESOME. I’ll miss the updates, but this was incredible, and ended well.
Just one query… Casper pretty much just stays isolated from all but Komi? so much for my Casper x Elia shipping… =/
Thanks again for a great comic!

He sees Jill quite a lot, since they’re in a, hm, similar line of business.

Him and Elia would’ve made a crappy couple really, she likes commitment, he doesn’t, and there’s just something wrong about dating your best friend’s sister..

Ahh, okay. That’s nearly as good, & makes a lot of sense… though dear gods I hope those two never have a serious quarrel over gold
Heh, this comic’s gonna be truly irreplaceable… one of the best, & definitely most unique, of all the fantasy comics I read. I have high expectations from Widdershins – hats off to you, & thanks again!

Just did a re-read. The end of the final fight between Gort and Baal-in-Tyr, heavily stylized, was an amazing way to communicate how climactic that scene was. Thank you so, so much for this series.

I do have a question about wrap-ups. I know you had that April Fool’s comic, I know he’s dead… but what about Michael? Upper Planes or Lower? Maybe it’s something you prefer to leave to the reader but you did invite questions. :)

Thank you for everything Komi! I’ll definitely be following Widdershins. I do have one question, though: so was it an egg or a live birth? Mink said she didn’t know before,but now she has to be sure.

And where do we send fan art to? Do we have to scan it or send it by snail mail? I’ve never done it before (but your stuff is worth it).

Thank you for great comic. It has been blast. ^^

And “Super-best ambassador hero” is title of pure win! Last laugh is best laugh they say and this proves it right. xD

I love this comic and I’m sad to see it go, but the ending is just great and I really like the mini-epilogues.

I do have one question though, what happened to Baal? I know he’s stuck in a little glass marble but what happens to the marble? Is it put on display in Asmoedeus’ castle? Attached to a wedding ring, turned into a christmas bauble?

I’m sorry to see the comic end; my favorites were Lyam, Casper and Komiyan (kinda hard to decided between those two). But I’m a bit curious after re-reading it, what exactly happened to Blackshard? ^^;

it’s very sad to see this comic end since i enjoyed it so much. thankyou for putting the time and effort in to get it completed to such a good standard :) also thankyou for giving the little extras as well for closure :) alas all good things come to an end eventually though i will give widdershins a try since this comic was so good :)

After a week of being sad-happy-excited about darken ending, I gave it a few turns around and I have a comments/feedback.

- Romance. I know this is D&D and stuff, but I missed some romance touches. Like a kiss somewhere in the middle of a fight, just for the style of it… specifically, from Casper =D
I mean, he was a player, right? Well I didn’t see him playing xD

So may be for Widdershins?? =3

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