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Disciple Of Fire

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The chosen of Mephistopheles must face his first challenge, fighting a monster destroying a small drow village.

Wyrms and Serpents
Gort reunites his old team, seeking out a priestess and a thief.

Rage of Winter
A chance encounter with a giant turns into a fight.

The Watcher in the Dark
The group are hired to take the eye of a vicious spellcasting monster known as a Beholder.

Blood Bond
An injured Mink has to be taken to the nearest city, where Gort meets someone who looks very familiar..

A blood cult causing problems in the Citadel of Light leads to the discovery of a werebear and a powerful artifect.

Sleeping Dragons
Mink is spurred on to restore her mother to power over Hextoria, while the rest of the group attempt to make some money.

Gort decides he requires a castle and sets about taking over an orc occupied Three Spires.

A showdown between Gort and Tyr takes place on the roof of the castle.

Long Way Home
Banished to Purgatory without weapons or armour, a way back to Darken must be found.

From the Shadows
Unexpected allies are found in the vast desert.

A hydra stands between Gort and an artifact of power.

Goodnight Moon
Casper must rid himself of a cursed amulet, while Komiyan is in trouble in his home town.

Gort catches up with Tyr, who is sworn to guard the Sword of Evil.

An old enemy returns to stand between Gort and the Crown.

Afraid of the Dark
In order to kill that which is already dead, a journey to the Shadow Plane must be made.

A rebellion within the ranks causes another fight on the roof of Three Spires.

A Summer Wasting
How Casper, Mink, Gort, Jill and Komiyan spent their summer. Some had more fun than others..

Double Down
Something is stirring.. The Worm Lord is rising.

The Blue Queen
While Gort and Mink flee to Hextoria Castle and form their plans, Baal has plans of his own.

The Red King
Can Gort and Mink succeed in their plan to use Baal’s weaknesses against him?