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Gort has made a deal with the devil, quite literally. In exchange for a great deal of power, he has to fetch the archdevil Mephistopheles some artefacts of terrible evil. Whether Gort really plans on handing them over when he gets them remains to be seen.. Vicious, self-obsessed and extremely stubborn, Gort likes to get his own way. He really enjoys his job.

Mink is a half-dragon Priestess, a magic-flinging hammer-swinging force of the God Hextor. She is Gort’s oldest friend, acting as the brains to his brawn.
Dedicated and noble, but quick to anger, she tends to hold the group together better than anyone else through her level-headed reasoning. Mink’s main aim is to restore her mother Silvador to power over her nation. Standing in her way is not advised.

Komiyan Zaibach isn’t such a bad guy, for a demon-worshipping dark elf. He met Gort through some very odd circumstances, and quickly became his overly loyal minion. He’ll follow him through the Nine Hells if he has to, a prospect which is becoming increasingly likely.
Komi is cautious and shy, but he can be surprisingly brave if the situation calls for it, which he hopes shouldn’t happen too often.

Strong-willed and more than a little big-headed, Casper Lockwood is your atypicial, amoral thief. He grew up among the Yuan Ti snake people of Falloakes, who were wiped out in a city invasion many years back, something Casper isn’t likely to forget quickly. He then worked as a bartender, with occasional larceny, during which time he fell in with Gort and his group. Sensing the opportunity for great profit and some amount of fun, he joined the Regalia quest.
Casper is laid back, and happy to make light of any serious situation, but once you cross him he’ll remember it until you suddenly find your kidneys full of holes.

Duchess Jill Emethria D’Avron Danderby is a lady who knows what she wants, and the fastest and cleanest way to get it. Though she dislikes the term ‘black widow’, it is a stunningly appropriate term for a lady with several dead husbands. Having spent the last of her earnings as the Duchess of Avron, Jill has decided to grace Gort with her presence, for appropriate compensation. She would describe herself as forward-thinking, but others would call her sly and unrepentant. As long as she couldn’t hear them, of course. Not that she wouldn’t find out anyway.

Michaelus used to be a lowly town guard in the citadel in Falloakes. That was, until he was out on patrol one night, and his brigade was savagely attacked. The only survivor of that night, Michaelus is now a Lycanthrope, half man-half bear. Thrown into disarray, Michaelus joined the only group that would accept him. Gort, recognising the untold power in him quickly, if reluctantly, accepted him and he became the powerhouse of the group.
Being not quite so morally-flexible as the rest of his companions, Michaelus is having some amount of trouble fitting in. Stoic, concerned and wiser than one might think, he hopes to find his place in the world somehow.

Mephistopheles is the Archfiend of the Eighth Plane of Hell. A charismatic and sly devil, he keeps his dealings secret from the Lord of the Ninth, Asmodeus, whom he hopes to usurp one day. Hiring Gort as his Disciple seems to be paying off so far, but since Mephistopheles is notoriously fickle, it’s hard to say how long the deal will last.

Baalzebul, Lord of the Seventh, holds a special place of hatred in his putrid heart for Mephistopheles. Hoping to ruin his plans at every turn and expose him to Asmodeus, Baal’s dealings may well soon catch up with Gort.
Formerly a handsome being, Baal was turned into a slug by Asmodeus as punishment for some past sin. Longing for his past appearance, his form when he is allowed to briefly manifest on Darken is far easier on the eyes, but he cannot stop the stench and flies from following him everywhere.

Tyr is an unfortunate soul. Twin brother of Gort, they were seperated while very young by slavers, and he was raised as a paladin of The Light, swiftly becoming Captain of the Guard at the Citadel of Light. He strives to embody the best of humanity, being kind, forgiving and noble. This is a reasonably hard task in a place like Darken, however, with demons on every side, not to say the least of the ones he’s related to.

Zathras is an Ambassador from the Shadow Plane, a world that is collapsing in on itself due to high levels of magic. Adept with mind controlling magic, and supposedly a master of linguistics, Zathras hasn’t quite got the hang of grammar yet, but he swears he’s getting there. Trusting yet extremely clever, Zathras is likely to be a great ally to the group.

Leon was the greatest hero of The Light, a brave and noble knight, defender of the weak.. Until he met Gort, who triumphantly slew him after a pitched battle. A memorial was built, tears were shed, and that should have been that. Until, however, his lover Violet rose him from the dead to wreak his vengeance on his murderer. As a hero, he was a shining beacon of good, but as an undead he is single-minded, violent and blunt.

Violet is undoubtedly Darken’s most powerful healer, one who fought alongside Leon in their efforts to restore unity to the land. Wracked with grief after his death, she turned to dark magic to restore her lover to life.
While she may have some regret in her soul, Violet is outwardly confident and brash. Time will tell which side of her will win over the other.

Her Royal Highness Silvador Hai Draco The Third, Mink’s mother, is an ancient blue dragon, previously imprisoned by an obsidian sword. Now released by Mink, she plans to restore her throne in Hextoria, and gain power by any means possible.
Though a fearsome conquerer, Silvador is also a doting mother who enjoys pampering her daughter and sons, while gently nagging them. Her greatest wish for her family is for the line to be continued, preferably by Mink.

A highly powerful, intelligent weapon which Komiyan stumbled across, Blackshard is unique, and will remind you of this at every given opportunity. Able to talk to his wielder or anyone else he seperatly chooses, Shard has one hell of an attitude, but seems to be growing relatively fond of his bearer. Supposedly, he can take the shape of any weapon the wielder wants, but he’s more likely to make that choice for him. Dangerous and unpredictable, Komiyan hasn’t quite figured out the extent of Shard’s powers yet, let alone what he plans on doing with them.

Jade Anguine is a Yuan Ti, a snakelike race of people who once lived in Falloakes. Friend to Casper, she has a few favours to ask of him on occasion, whether he wants to listen or not. Fighting as one of the last of a dying race, Jade is willful yet careful, but Casper’s influence does allow her to cut loose every once in a while.

Elia Zaibach is a kindhearted drow, and sister to Komiyan. Small and feisty, she doesn’t like to pick a fight but will certainly hold her own if it comes to it. Her future plans include training as a Priestess of Mephistopheles, and getting to know Casper better, if her brother doesn’t stop her.

Vargo is the younger of Mink’s brothers, and certainly the most self-possessed. He serves as a General in Silvador’s army. Fascinated by the draconic bloodline, he believes in his and his family’s superiority over any ‘lesser’ races to the point where he will not speak to them unless giving them an order. In his view, Mink is wasting her time with the trivial concerns of Gort, and her time would be better spent at home, helping Mother.

Mink’s older brother Lyam is more laid back than any expert assassin has the right to be. Choosing to believe that whatever is meant to happen will happen, he carries out his duties with ease and carefree confidence. Where possible, he will forget his brother exists, but he will fuss over his sister and follow his Mother’s every command. Getting on his bad side will earn you relentless mockery, or possibly a knife in the ribs, depending.
Just.. don’t ask about the eye.