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The End- Read the newspost for more epilogue stuff!

The End- Read the newspost for more epilogue stuff! published on 17 Comments on The End- Read the newspost for more epilogue stuff!

Originally posted October 17, 2011 @ 12:01 am
Words canโ€™t quite describe how I feel at the moment, itโ€™s very strange and new and exiting as anything! I can only hope you guys had a good time with this comic, because I did, I really did.

Here’s the link to Widdershins, the site is up, updates start next Monday when you’ll get three pages! Go go go!

And finally, here are the extra character epilogues! Some are pretty much forgone conclusions, some have a few surprises. It’s all there for a little closure.



Silvador II:


Casper and Komi:


Elia and Lyam:



The Shadey Bunch:

Am I missing someone or something? Ask me anything in the comments or via the ask box on my Tumblr!

And.. I guess that’s it for now! Basically just.. thank you, thanks to all of you for making this an amazing, honestly life-changing experience. See you in Victorian-era England!


Thank you so much for writing this. I only found out about it after it had finished, and it brought me out of a really dark place I was in at the time. It is an amazing comic, and, when you finish Widdershins, sequel?

Thank you for this!!! Loved every page.

Can you share the character stats? If not complete, at least race/class/levels?

The stats are somewhat lost to the ages, I’m afraid- the campaign was a good 10+ years ago! Races are as you’d expect, really- mostly human, except for Komi as a drow and Mink as a half-dragon, which was its own race back in 3rd edition. Classes, hmm… This is half-remembered, so bear with me!

-Mink was all cleric all the time, I think.
-Gort was mostly fighter, with some levels in a specially-created-by-the-DM class called Disciple of Mephistopheles, think that was a reskinned prestige class of some form- it’s where the fire powers came in, anyway.
-Komiyan was mostly ranger, a variant that let you swap out magic and animal companion for MORE SWORD.
-Jill was pure rogue.
-Casper was a rogue with levels in fighter, and a level or two in ranger because that’s what you did in 3rd edition
-Michaelus was an unholy combo of monk, barbarian, fighter, and possibly ranger. His player was extremely good at minmaxing, it was pretty outrageous

Mink, Komi and Michaelus all had ECLs in their various races too because 3rd ed wasn’t very fair about that sort of thing.
That’s all I remember, really!

Thanks for your answer! That’s actually more than enough for what I had in mind!
Disciple of Mephistopheles appears in the Book of Vile Darkness with the same powers Gort has, as does the regalia…
Also, I love the setting so I’ll take inspiration from it for my next campaign.
Thanks again for this amazing comic. Wish you all the best in your coming endeavors!

So it really was a campaign! I suspected so! Did you run it? The comic is amazing and the campaign must have been! Did you do a lot of editing when writing a script for the comic? Sorry for a lot of questions (and exclamations), I’m so exited, this is so good, how comes I found it only now?!.

Loved reading this story. It was great. I could tell right away it was story that would keep coming back to the end. If your group had as much fun playing these characters as these characters had throughout the story, it must have been a blast. Hard to find a group with that kind of synergy.

I found this comic back a couple of years ago I really loved it, lost my bookmark and didn’t notice this page the first time so glad to get to see what happened to all the characters afterward. Really didn’t get that this was a real campaign, must have been epic, you are awesome thank you for everything.

Just re-read this again because I fondly remembered reading it the first time and it holds up well. Writing an evil party that works together believably and is likeable isn’t always easy but you pull it off quite enjoyably.

I guess next I should get around to catching up again on Widdershins.

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