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It’s amazing how hard it is for Michaelus to convince everyone that Gort is a vicious, small-minded and selfish arsehole. Or at least for him to convince them that this is a problem.

Consider why though;

Komi literally worships Gort’s boss. He can’t turn against Gort.

Mink is practically (and in the epilogue, is) Gort’s lover. No go there.

So Michaelus, at best, can turn Casper and/or Jill. Jill is loyal to Gort in her own way, and furthermore wouldn’t let anyone talk her into anything she didn’t want to do anyhow.

And by the time he has any reasonable chance of turning Casper, Casper’s already passed over two chances to betray Gort and is about to go through his necklace-dream.

Now if Michaelus had tries turning some people outside the team, or paired himself up with the Drow that wanted Komi dead, then maybe, but he didn’t.

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