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Some very excellent people from the Comic Genesis forums were narrating random comics, and, well, these happened, and my mind was blown. Including links to the comics they read, so you can read along too, if you so desire!
CJ Burgundy reading as Jill, some random thugs and Komiyan from this strip.
Black Sparrow reading as an unfortunate priestess, Komiyan, Gort and Jill from this strip.
Tynan reading as Gort, Komiyan, Casper and the Beholder from this strip, also there’s a version with a different Beholder voice.
Tynan reading as good ol’ Mr Mephistopheles from this strip.

I’ve been having fun answering a bunch of questions in-character on my formspring page, and I figured I might as well archive them on my own site, so here they are, sorted by character. As a warning, some are mega spoilers. I wouldn’t read this page until you’re caught up with the comic.


How many angry tyrants does it take to replace a light bulb?

After taking care of this little Baal problem, what are you going to do next? Take over the world? Go to Disneyland? Become the next ruler of the Nine Hells?

Gort: Will you be considering more applications for unpaid goons anytime soon?

I think I have a good twin. What do I do?


To the character “Mink”: Is there something special between you and Gort? If yes, will you marry anytime soon?

Dear Mink: If you had a child, would it be born or hatched?

Hey Mink, care to give us a little fan service. (Come on now, you know you want to)


Dear Komiyan: Have you seriously considered that you are, in fact, a sexy beast

Dear Cas and Komi: How does it make you feel when fangirls ship you two together?

Dear Komiyan: Have you seriously considered that you have, in fact, an unconscious yet reciprocated crush on your “friend” Casper?

Dear Komiyan, why are you that much against Caspar flirting with your sister? I mean, okay, she’s inexperienced, but she should be old enough to be able to decide for herself, no? And besides, flirting is completely normal among the surface dwellers.

KOMIYAN. Do you think I’m being ironic?? Because you are finer than an original Rembrandt. CASPER COME ON BACK ME UP HERE.

Komi, how hurtful was it to be depicted as a female in Elvenbaath?

Komiyan, are you a virgin?

Komi, you pwn Caspar.

Komiyan: What is it that your glasses really do? Honestly?

Komiyan: What do you ACTUALLY think of Casper? Set all the previous questions aside for a moment. I want an answer that is well thought-out and truthful.

Hey Komi, I’m your #1 fan! I baked you a batch of cookies! Enjoy nya~

Komiyan: Why the hells did you use Blackshard anyway? You had that dream where that drow person told you *specifically* not to deal with talking swords. Why keep him?


Casper: How in the hells did you manage to get so awesome? Could you teach me?

Dear Casper: Do you care to have a fan club? (ps. I would LOVE to join, you’re one of the most fun characters in darken.)(pss. I am a girl, if it has something to do with your desicion.)

Casper: How much are you being paid per question?

Dear Casper, in regards of the many postings inquiring about your potential relationship with Komiyan and his hilarious reactions about him being the one with the crush, what about you? What would you do if you were the one with the uncurable crush?

Casper: ladies with scales, turn-on or turn-off? (And does this include Gort’s not-his-girlfriend-REALLY?)


Dear Jill, you have taken in a surface elf to teach at your school. Won’t that leak to the outside? Isn’t that exactly what she wants to avoid? Or do you have a plan about this point? (Silly me, of course you have >_<)

Dear Jill: Where did you get the idea for the blade-fans? How did you learn to use them? And do you know how badass you look with them?

Dear Jill: Would you marry a lesbian for money(lots of it)?

Whole Cast

Dear Darken cast, I’ve baked an assortment of cookies for you. Feel free to eat them all.

What do the other characters besides Casper think of Komiyan?

To the main cast: What do you like most in the whole universe? (Casper: I know it’s money, you don’t really have to answer this…)


Dear Shard.. (there are about 5 questions answered here)

Dear Vargo – do you know what really happened to Lyam’s eye? P.S. I am a dragon.

Dear Silvador, Gort, and Shades; why don’t you just use a massive amount of salt to defeat Baal? Or a bath, either I think would be a particularly gruesome and frustrating end for him.

Dear Lyam, what REALLY happened to your eye?

A question for Lyam, who has more roguish charm and wit, you or Casper?

Blackshard: t(?_?t) to you too.

If you were a guinea pig eatin some food, what kind of food would you be eatin?

Another question for Lyam, who has a better story about their missing eye, you or Jade?

Dear Captain Tyr (If you’re, you know… available): What do you remember about Gort, and his and your family?

Excuse me Lyam, you told Jade your story (a brief one) & you seemed quite cheerful about it. Would you please be so kind as to elaborate upon the story of losing your eye? To make it up to you, you may have a cookie & then stab both my eyes if you want.

Dear Vargo and Lyam, is it alright if I call you Chinchilla and Ermine instead, to keep a family theme going?

who’s that drow with mephistopheles? the one who warned komi about shard? I just get the feeling she’s important

Dear Zathras: How learned you your nifty speakings?

To Violet: Even after Leon was zombified, did you still find him attractive?

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