September 19th, 2011 – Epilogue, Page 1

Woah does this seem familiar to anyone else?

Hey book preorders are still open! Production is going along swimmingly, I hope to have a cover to show you soon, but for now, here’s this week’s sample of the ten million art tweaks I’ll be doing-

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Some time later...
Casper and Komi, a little bit older and, in Casper's case, significantly better dressed, have their backs braced against a pair of huge double doors in a large, well-furnished room that looks like a small army has torn through it...

CASPER: I don't know why I invite you to my parties.

KOMI: Wh- How is this my fault?!
CASPER: Gosh, I don't know.. sass an archdevil and suddenly you're a big demon-magnet?
CASPER: Must be a huge coincidence!

Suddenly, something slams hard into the doors behind them...

KOMI: Oh gods, I think it's coming through..
CASPER: It'd better bloody not, these are new carpets!

The pit fiend smashes both doors right off their hinges, sending doors, Casper and Komi flying...

CASPER: Aw, come on, that was antique oak!

The demon ignores him, instead turning on Komi and grabbing him by the neck...

KOMI: W-wait! No, I-!

His spine snaps with a sickening crunch as the fiend's grip tightens...

PIT FIEND: The time has come, drow.

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I KNEW it! Komi as disciple! And I’ll have everyone know that I called it first!

You know, ordinarily I’d write a scathing message to the author who killed off my favourite character. However, since this was YOU Komi, I’m guessing it was voluntary.

And by the way, I love the swinging chandelier detail — it adds some wonderful motion to panel 2.

I think Komi is already a Disciple or at least a Hell-relates-job, and that demon is with Mephistopheles…
And now we can expect some smashing from a surprise guest (like Mink or Jill… or both) After all, there IS a party going on. =D

It’s bound to have more guests around, right? …I mean, this is not a yaoi/gay party/date, right!? >=O
Please Komiyan, tell me it isn’t!

I’m more bothered by the fact that Casper seems to own a castle.

Did he steal it?

Well there’s always that huge stash of gold they found whilst hiding from Baal… plus Mink did insinuate that she was going to pay Casper, though I’m not sure how much she intended to follow through on that.

Also, it’s Casper. Stealing a castle certainly isn’t beyond his abilities. d:

In a way, if it is Gort, he might be doing Komiyan a favor……in his own way. Given Casper’s comment, I presume that this is not the first time and Meph likely is gunning for Komiyan.

Better that Gort get to Komiyan and give him minion status than Meph get to him and give him flaming pincushion status.

Kinda hope that we do see Mink and Jill before the end (and maybe even Tyr or Jade in a “What are they doing now” panel).

Looks like I get my wish. Komiyan becomes a disciple. Or Tyr decked out in the Regalia of Good comes crashing through the wall and spanks the pit fiend and Recruits Komi lol

Hard to recruit a drow with a crushed neck. And in three pages, now two, expect no daring do.
I expect a smug, still caffeinated gort on a big throne being all “hey, I have plans for you”.
Also, I so much want to know what jill and mink are up to. If I could be a darken character, I would totally want to be mink.

Heh. I like this pit fiend’s style. Doesn’t waste time with theatrics. It just crushes the spine and goes home.

Devils have better things to do besides dance with a rogue and ranger

I think if you’ll remember, Gort got “recruited” in much the same way…though, I suspect that Gort’s the one doing the “recruiting” there and your expectations will play out in the next 1-2 pages…

*checks first page*
Why I have a feeling taht somebody is going to become a disciple of Gort the Lord of Hellfire? It’s better than the alternative, really…
Oh well. At least Casper got himself a nice place (or a few) to live.

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