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How could anyone possibly root for Gort,
when he sounds, looks, and acts like a bad guy in front of Tyr?

Well, he *is* the “bad guy”. And he’s not een one of those charismatic “bad guys” – he’s charmless, and also selfish, vain, petty and cruel. He is an utterly unlikeable toerag of a villain.

But this is the unique appeal of Darken – we see the story where the bad guy wins, and we see him work for it. We can pity his marginally less evil companions, also, plumbing the moral depths beside their leader. We can cheer for the dying light as it desperately tries to hold against him. And we can find even the lesser evil in Gort, when he is faced by foes who could be even nastier (if only because they have imagination)

It’s a DnD story like no other I know.

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