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Umm… OK maybe Gort only massacred *those* innocent people by-the-by, and it wasn’t personal, but…

I can’t even try reason here, it sounds so silly.
… There’s a reason I disallow evil player characters in my campaigns.
If even one character is evil, evedyone else pretty much has to be an uncaring arsehole at best, or else the party falls apart. As is later evidenced in Darken!

Well, first, I think the amulet is less concerned about morals than it is about reducing Casper’s anguish.

Second… You think it’s a problem that Gort killed innocents? Really?

Mink’s mother founded a country in the name of the god of Tyranny. It doesn’t get much more Evil Empire than that. Killing innocents to conquer and dominate is literally Mink’s divine duty as a priestess.

When Jill said she spent all her late husband’s money “running a dungeon” what did you think she meant? She was a tyrant.

It doesn’t come up because they’re all dead, but the yuan-ti aren’t nice either. They’re evil mind-controlling snake cultists who make human sacrifices and all that good stuff. Casper worked for them.

Remember all those tattoo Komiyan’s hands are covered with? He outright said they’re souls sacrificed to Mephistopheles. So every mark is someone getting eternally tortured in Hell.

Casper can be angry at Gort for personal reasons, but for moral reasons? That would be absurd. Killing innocents is no reason to be outraged when every one in the party does it.

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